Solunar Watches

Heuer produced a very unique set of watches that told both Solar and Lunar time and could keep track of the tidal schecule.  The Solunar watch and Seafaarer Chronograph were developed by Heuer to not only tell normal time (solar) but had the additional feature of telling the lunar time or the orbit of the moon around the earth.  This would be important for fisherman, yachtsman and anyone who needed to know high and low tide periods.  In addition, lunar time is central to the Solunar Theory developed in 1926 by John Alden Knight to predict feeding patterns of fish and game.Other companies contracted with Heuer to private label these watches including Abercrombie & Fitch, Orvis and Lyceum.Contact us if you have one to sell or if you require Solunar, Seafarer, Solunagraph or Mareographe watch repair service. Contact Us

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