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Gruen Airflight Watches

The Gruen Airflight watch has a unique dial with open apertures at each hour that show an inner disk which automatically changes at noon to 12-24 hour markers and at midnight to 1-12 hour markers. Favored by pilots, the Gruen Airflight is often seen with a logo for the Airforce Association (AFA) which is a civilian education organization dedicated to public understanding of aerospace power.

Over the years we’ve bought, sold and serviced dozens Airflight watches.  Most were chrome plated but the were also made with solid gold and gold plated cases.

Contact us if you have one to sell or if you require Gruen watch repair service.

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2 thoughts on “Gruen Airflight

  1. Tim Hadley says:

    I have a Gruen Airflight with the airforce logo on it and i was wondering what it was worth. everything works on it including the rotating hour dial.

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