Enicar 2303 Garnix

Enicar 2303 Garnix Valjoux Chronograph

The Enicar 2303 “Garnix” is a bit misunderstood.  Some say it’s a 1950’s pre-Sherpa based on the dial lume points and some say it’s 1960’s based on the dial logo style.  And who can tell me why it’s called Garnix anyway?  The translation of Garnix from German literally means nothing, as in: there is nothing to see here.  In this case Garnix may refer to the lack of a model name on the dial (Thanks to Rene for that explanation).  Most Enicar watches have names posted on their dials such as Sherpa Graph, Jet Graph, Sea Pearl, etc.  The 2303, well…Garnix.

What is easy to understand is that this is a well made large stainless steel chronograph that uses the best Valjoux movement available in it’s day. 

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