Terms and Conditions

By purchasing goods or services from www.farfo.com you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Farfo.com is not an authorized agent for any watch sold on the website.

Return Policy:

3 day no questions asked return policy on watch purchases – simply email watches@farfo.com within 3 days of product receipt to arrange for the return.  Please make your purchase decision within three days of delivery. Please do not wait until the fourth day or longer.  Watches that have been altered or damaged by the buyer are not eligible for a refund.

Exchange Policy:

Within 3 days of receipt of your purchase you may exchange your purchase and we will pay for the new watch to be shipped to you.

Warranty Service:

After the 3 day review period expires, the mechanical warranty begins. We warrant the operation of the movement for a period of one year from date of delivery.

During the 1 year warranty period:

www.farfo.com will repair problems free of charge to the watch movement.  Problems caused by misuse, abuse, shock or water damage may incur a service fee.

Non-authorized repairs:  Any adjustment or repair performed by anyone other than www.farfo.com will void the watch warranty.

To receive warranty service:

First email watches@farfo.com with a description of the problem.  We will provide shipping instructions.  When the warranty service has been completed, www.farfo.com will pay to ship the watch back to you.

Waterproof / Water Resistant Watches:

www.farfo.com sells pre-owned timepieces which can no longer reliably resist water. www.farfo.com does not guarantee that any timepiece will be water resistant including watches that were originally designed to be water resistant. By purchasing a watch from www.farfo.com, the buyer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the timepiece and any personal loss or damage suffered as a result of watch failure. Watches sold by www.farfo.com should not be used for SCUBA diving or any other activity requiring a water resistant timepiece.

Timekeeping Ability of Pre-owned and Antique Watches:

Mechanical watches – whether made today or 100 years ago – will not have the same timekeeping ability as battery operated or quartz watches. While www.farfo.com makes every effort to adjust each watch to keep accurate time, we are not responsible for any personal loss or damage resulting from the inaccuracy or failure of any watch.

Watch Repair Warranty:

We guarantee our watch repair service for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery. If the owner is delayed in making service payment beyond 1 month then the service warranty begins on the date of service completion. If there is a problem with any service performed by www.farfo.com we will fix the problem in our shop within the warranty period. The Farfo.com warranty does not cover problems that are unrelated to our service or problems due to misuse, abuse, water or shock damage although we will work with you to resolve these issues in a cost effective manner.  Any watch service that is not paid for after 3 months will incur a $15 per month storage fee.  Please make prompt payment for your repair.