Customer Testimonials

I am honored to have received the feedback below from my customers regarding their purchases and watch repair service.


“John, Many thanks for the watch, the process was very smooth and the watch is in excellent conditions. Will definetely do business with you again. Best, Raffa”
Dubai – September 2016 LeCoultre Moonphase Watch Purchase

“John: In case your interested, I thought I would share this watch’s history. As I’m sure many vintage watches have one, this is it’s story. My dad immigrated from Havana in 1959 with some pocket change and this watch on his wrist. He purchased the watch several years earlier from a jeweler with whom he had been childhood friends since the 4th grade. In order to pass customs my dad put the watch on some cheap oxidized/torn leather band and soiled the case so no one ever gave it a second look and thus, no one took it from him. At the time, no one was being allowed to leave the country with anything of “value to the state”. Years later he replaced the band, with the help of his 4th grade friend and with whom he reunited in NY, with the band you polished and refurbished. That’s been 30-some-odd years ago, and sadly, Paco, my Dad’s childhood friend only recently passed away. 10 years ago my dad gave me this watch as a wedding present and wanting a Rolex I didn’t realize its value until only recently. I gave the watch back to my dad on Father’s day, in no small part due to your efforts, and trust. I need not tell you the look on his face and mine as his memories of the watch, and all he and it had been through, came back to him. So now, whether by chance or fate, you are part of its history as well. I’m sure it will have a future now, thanks to you, beyond a dark drawer…Thank-you, again.” Dan
Pembroke Pines, FL – June 2007 Juvenia Watch Repair 

“John, Just to let you know we received the watch this morning and I would just like to say that it’s a shame we can’t leave feedback for you on EBay as it would be the best feedback you have ever received. It’s so good to deal with a professional so therefore if in future if we want to purchase anymore fantastic quality watches yours will be the only site we would visit. I can’t thank you enough for being so fast and efficient. Hoping your business lasts forever, Pete ”
Australia – July 2003 Bulova Ladies Watch Purchase

“Hi John Just wanted to say thanks for sending the watch. It’s arrived safe and sound and is resting with its other UG siblings now…. What a beautiful item! Thank you! I’ll be checking your site regularly from now on. 🙂 Rachel”
Singapore – April 2016 Universal Geneve Tri-Compax Watch Purchase

“Mr. DiDonato – I received my grandfather’s watch today. You did an absolutely fantastic job! It looks like new! Thanks so much for taking such good care of it. I can’t overstate how much it means to me. My grandfather was a larger than life figure from whom I learned most of what I know about being a man and his watch is one of the last things I have to remind me of him. You’re a true master of your craft. Sincerely, Carlo”
Brooklyn, New York – October 2013 Timex Watch Repair

“John – I just received the watch and am absolutely speechless. It looks absolutely awesome. I actually fought back the tears for a minute. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort that went into overhauling this watch. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to all my friends in the future. Thanks again.” Jim
Connecticut – September, 2005 Universal Geneve Repair 

“I just received my watch yesterday. It looks exactly like the picture on your website, no difference at all. This was actually my first time ordering from the internet, and I’ve heard so many bad things about online companies, but ordering from you and receiving my watch was a great first time experience. I really wish all internet companies were like yours.” Brent
Florida – September 2007 Rolex Watch Purchase

“Dear John Today I received the watches from my friend from the US . To say that the work done on my vintage Seamaster is outstanding is an understatement. Thank you for treating it with respect and you can be sure that I will make it known to everyone I know. The Breitling is superb. Better than I expected and it has been confiscated by my wife already… Thank you once again John. Best regards” Manos
Athens Greece – July 2007 Omega Seamaster Watch Repair

“Hi John, Just to let you know that the Gruen and Minerva arrived today. You have worked wonders on the Gruen. I am so grateful as I nearly gave up on this one. I thought that this old friend of mine would never be the same but you proved me wrong, for which I thank you. The Minerva is truly super. The military style leather wristband is a lovely touch. It is a lot better than I imagined. Yet again John, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. You have always dealt with me in a forthright and professional manner and are to be commended. With kind regards Ray”
Dublin, Ireland – March 2004 Gruen Chronograph Repair and Minerva Purchase

“Dear Farfo, WOW! Beautiful work on the watch! I really appreciate the deal you gave me. I can’t wait to give it to my grandfather. It looks like it is brand new! How did you do that? I am suprised that it even went through a war let alone is over 60 years old! Anyhow, you have sparked my interest in these military watches and I will keep in touch to see what else you can “bring back to life” Max
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – January 2005 Zenith Watch Restoration

“John, Add me to your list of satisfied customers. I was hesitant to send keepsakes across the country to an individual I did not know. However, I am more than pleased with the restoration work. The Bulova wristwatch was an 8th grade graduation present from a deaf grandparent. Within the next week, I’ll be sending you another wristwatch (Baylor) that belonged to the same grandparent. Again, thanks for the great work. Regards, Steve”
Andover, KS – June 2006 Vintage Bulova Watch Repair

“Dear Mr. DiDonato, You’ll be pleased to hear that the Breitling Top Time that you repaired for me last year is still keeping very good time, I’ve been wearing it daily since. I am now sending you my 1929 Longines dress watch. I would appreciate an estimate for service of the watch, to ensure that it runs and correctly keeps time. Malcolm.”
Tokyo, Japan – August 2012 Longines and Breitling Top Time Repair

“John, I picked up the watches on Monday and am delighted with them. In particular I noticed how clean and sparkly the gold Elgin is and how smoothly the mechanism feels now. Thank you for your efforts and for the work coming in under estimate. It certainly felt risky taking a chance with someone I found on an internet search but I am so delighted with the care you took and the finished results. I would be very happy to recommend you to others. Again, many thanks,” Patricia
The United Kingdom – September 2007 Elgin and Bucherer Watch Repair Service

“Dear John, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding the Breitling watch I purchased from your online store. (Order Number: 125215) Your service was excellent, the watch is lovely. … I took the watch to a local (and extremely overpriced) vintage watch store and was assured that it was the real deal. I wanted to thank you for your prompt service and tell you that my husband is over the moon with his Christmas present, the 1947 Breitling Premier chronograph. I will be recommending to anyone looking for a fine vintage watch. Best Regards, Patricia”
Culver City, California – December 2005 Breigling Chronograph Purchase

“Dear John, I received my Seiko, and want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I think the band and case look better than I remember they looked when the watch was new 36 years ago. The watch is keeping good time and running perfectly. Thank you so much for getting my watch back to me in such good condition. It’s not just a timepiece but a part of my personal history and memories. Thank you” John
Fort Myers FL – January 2007 Vintage Seiko Watch Repair and Restoration

“John: Watch arrived this afternoon. Looks great and it has sentimental value to me. It was given to me by my parents in the early 50’s for my 16th birthday and high school graduation. HS diploma was a big deal then in our extended family. My extended family (24 aunts and uncles in all on both sides) were the children of 4 German peasant 1880’s immigrants who settled in Cleveland and they all felt fortunate to be here and to finish the 8th grade and then get a job. So when I look at the Ulysse Nardin it reminds me of a lot of good, hardworking people and the sacrifices they made to make sure my sister and I and my cousins got a good education including college in some cases. Thanks again, George H.”
Ohio – December 2003 Ulysse Nardin Repair

“Dear John, I can’t thank you enough for all the care you have lavished on this watch. It was such a pleasure to have it back and wear it today. Also, I can’t believe the date thing is working again… it hasn’t worked since 1996, when the person who repaired it then assured me that the parts were not available and it would never work again. I always loved being able to look at it and see the date! It was also so kind and thoughtful of you to put a new band on, and to include the old one just in case I wanted it…Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!” Beatrice
Maryland – March 2004 Timex Repair

“Hi John, The Benrus Sky Chief arrived early last week and is better than I expected. As I write it is on my wrist and looks great. I should like to add that it has been a pleasure doing business with you and the professional, competent and speedy manner with which you dealt with my transaction is much appreciated. I hope to do business with you again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential purchaser. All the best Ray”
Dublin, Ireland – September 2003 Benrus Sky Chief Chronograph Purchase

“Dear Mr DiDonato, What a beautiful watch! It looks even better in reality than it did in the website photo.I wore it to a party last night and it was greatly admired by both men and women. They couldn’t believe it was 60 years old because” it looks brand new!” When the men heard how much I’d paid for it they went green with envy.In London, similarly pristine 1940s Art-Deco Omegas cost between £750-£1600.I suspect that a watch like mine would probably cost close to £2000,possibly more. I have been very impressed with every aspect of your service,from the clear,honest and detailed information on your website to the care you took over the packaging of the watch.I would be happy to do business with you again. I am happy for you to use this e-mail on your Testimonials page if you so wish. Once again,many thanks! Stephen”
England – October 2009 Vintage Watch Purchase

“I was just thinking about my watch-and I don’t remember if I acknowledged its receipt-in case I did not-I did get my watch and it is indeed beautiful-I am very pleased to have it back in wearable condition-wore it out to dinner last night and proudly showed it off to our friends. Thank you- I feel re-connected to a precious time in my past and appreciate anew the love and generosity of my parents who bought me this watch back in 1961- I wear it in their memory and in their honor-thank you so much for your craftsmanship which made this possible!”
Cape Cod – August, 2003 Longines Watch Repair

“John, My wife was very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the service you provide as am I. Both watches look absolutely amazing. It was worth every penny to see the reaction of my wife when she opened her eyes and saw a watch which was a family heirloom and had not operated at all for about 10 years or so, and sat forgotten in a box, restored to pristine working condition. Thank you so much, Richard”
Johnstown, NY – December 2010 Vintage Benrus and Gruen Repair / Restoration

“John, I received this watch today and as usual the quality is very special – I am so glad that I came across your site the way I did by sheer accident, I really don’t know what else to say but I’ ll be back. Thank you so much. Pete”
Australia – August 2003 LeCoultre Watch Purchase

“Hi John, I received the Wittnauer today. Thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Kind regards, Steve”
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada – September 2016 Wittnauer Triple Date Watch Purchase

“Hi John, Received the watch today. It looks and runs absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for your efforts. I could not be more pleased. John”
East Brunswick, New Jersey – May 2016 Benrus Watch Repair

“John: my watches arrived safely today. Thank you so much for your good work!! Thanks, Tom
Lexington, Virginia – April 2016 Eternamatic Kontiki Watch Repair

“John, the watch arrived yesterday. Great job as usual. Thank you, George”
Westminster, Maryland – April 2016 Christopher Ward Watch Repair

“Hi John, The watch was waiting for me when I got home from work. I must say that the picture on the website did not do it justice, it looks much better in real life! Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be back soon, Corey”
Toronto, Canada – March 2016 Wittnauer Dive Watch Purchase

“John: The watch arrived and it was telling accurate time when I opened the box. (It was also quite clean and pretty.) Looking forward to the second one. And I have more to follow. Jerry”
Hackensack, New Jersey – March 2016 Gruen Curvex Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received my watch few days ago; I am very pleased with your work; the watch looks great!
Thank you for your hard work! Smile Gaby”
Corona, California – January 2016 Tissot Navigator World Time Watch Repair

“John, Finally I was able to get the watch today, and having just opened it, we agree it is of simple perfection. Thanks again for your patience & kindness, not less the professionalism. Ken”
Washington, DC – December 2015 Longines Watch Purchase

“John: The watch arrived today, It looks FANTASTIC. I am very, very pleased; you are a true artist. My son will be so happy. After the holidays I will be sending you another watch, of service and face refinishing. Fortunately the face is not as bad of a condition as the Waltham. I wish you and your family a Very, Very Happy, Safe Holiday Season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. God Bless/Glenn”
Metairie, Louisiana – December 2015 Waltham Vintage Watch Repair

“It looks and works great John! Many many thanks!! My mom and dad will be over for Thanksgiving and that’s when I plan to reveal it to them. I had Tag Heuer send me a watch box and added a reproduction rally band reminiscent of what would have been on the watch so it presents like a new watch… really looks great! Guy”
Asbury, New Jersey – November 2015 Heuer Camaro Watch Repair

“John thanks for the very quick turnaround. Watch is on my wrist running perfectly. Great customer service, thank you. Leon”
Severn, Maryland – November 2015 Seiko 6139-3002 Chronograph Repair Service

“John: My restored watch arrived safely today. Thank you so much for the nice work on my old watch. I am very pleased. Tom”
Lexington, Virginia – September 2015 Movado Calendomatic Automatic Watch Repair

“Hi John:Received today with the very nice new strap…timing is much better also…thank you much! Rob”
Cinnaminson, New Jersey – August 2015 Enicar Vintage Watch Repair Service

“John, Received the watch today, its beautiful, thank you! Andrew M.”
Dunlap, Illinois – July 2015 Breitling Navitimer Watch Purchase

Dear John: The watch arrived safely and I look forward to giving it to Willie when he returns from France. (I’m beginning to get a bit envious – it never worked in the sixty-some-odd years since my uncle gave it to me. Thanks. Best wishes. Jim
Westhampton, New York – June 2015 Gallet Commander Vintage Chronograph Watch Repair Service

“got it THANX!looks and runs great. Demetrius”
Astoria, Queens, New York – April 2015 Zenith El Primero Watch Repair

“John, I just received the watch back, and it’s simply stunning. Thanks for doing such a nice job with it, and for taking care of it. Very much appreciated! The watch is keeping perfect time. FYI, my son is on course to graduate at the end of December, so this watch will be passed on to continue its life with him. Thanks again! Best wishes, Robert.”
Straughn, Indiana – May 2015 Longines Wittnauer Watch Repair Service

“Hey John, I received the watch the other day and it looks just great. Thank you so much for the fine job that you did. You are definitely an artisan as well as a craftsman and I would recommend your services to anyone without reservation. I wore the watch out to dinner and got compliments from all who saw it! Thanks Again, Ed”
Middletown, NJ – April 2015 Hamilton Milton Watch Repair Service

“Hello John, Received my Omega 300m yesterday and it looks and runs perfect! Many thanks for the expert service with this difficult project. Be talking to you soon with our next adventure! Best Regards, James”
Fort Pierce, FL – March 2015 Omega Seamaster 300M Watch Repair

“John, Thanks so much! The watch looks fabulous, she is very happy 🙂 Is there some way to leave feedback for you, like Yelp or something? Regards, Carl”
Tampa, Florida – September 2014 Benrus Sky Chief Brown Dial Chronograph Repair

“Hi, John, I just wanted to write to let you know the LeCoultre cal. 486A arrived safely, and it’s indeed wonderful. Thanks again, Adam”
Chicago, Illinois – June 2016 LeCoultre NOS Rectangle Moonphase Watch Purchase

“Hi John- Watch arrived today and it’s everything I hoped it would be. With the exception of the slight ding on the crystal, it’s almost as new. I bought this same watch when I was in the Army in Korea in 1969 and paid $50.00 for it. Whoever had this watch thankfully, took really good care of it. Thanks again, Tim”
Goodyear, Arizona – January 2016 Omega Seamaster DeVille Purchase

“The watch has been received. Beautiful. Thank you. David”
Frederick, Maryland – December 2015 IWC Gold Watch Purchase

“John, The Corum arrived. It is so lovely that I hate to give it away. Nice strap too. Thanks again.
Mountain View, California – November 2015 Corum Watch Purchase

“John, Confirming the UG Comapx arrived and I absolutely love it. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. All the best. John”
Birmingham, Alabama – November 2015 Universal Geneve Compax Panda Dial Chronograph Purchase

“Good morning, John. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Longines; it’s now wearing a black lizard from de Beers and looks fabulous! The factory sent me back a confirmation note right away that it was made in 1982, and it answers perfectly my desire for a fine representative of the 990 movement that I’ll wear proudly from now on. I’ll continue to keep an eye on your website for more things of interest….. Thanks again for your speedy responses, Wes”
Dallas, Texas – July 2015 Longines Watch Purchase

“Got the watch today … its beautiful thank you Perfect thanks Nuriel”
Wien, Austria – June 2015 Univresal Geneve Tri-Compax Purchase

“Dear John Watch arrived safely and is working perfectly (well at least for the last 30 minutes!) – thank you.”
London, England – July 2015 LeCoultre Memovox Watch Purchase

“Hi, John! I have just received the watch. Thank you so much for your beautiful watch! I love it! Yasu”
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – June 2015 Omega Vintage Chronograph Purchase

“Hi John, would never buy a watch online, but my buddy recommended your site and said your watches are authentic. I picked the watch up yesterday from post office and it looks good. I got it going and no problems wearing it today. Thanks Again, Jeff”
Harrison Township, Michigan – April 2015 Omega Speedmaster Purchase

“John the kelidascope arrived and is running. It is beautiful! Thanks Jerry”
Tiburon, California – April 2015 Ernest Borel Watch Purchase

“John, received the watch today. Looks great. I think you were smart to leave the dial as original. Can you refer me to someone who has Omega logo watch band buckles ? Thanks. David”
Houston, Texas – May 2015 Omega Seamaster Chronograph Watch Purchase

“John, I received the watch yesterday. Looks great. Thank you again! Dave”
Chicago, Illinois – April 2015 Wittnauer World Time Chronograph Watch Purchase

“Hello John, I was finally able to pick up the watch from the post office on Monday. We, in turn, have had quite a time with ice and snow here in NC so though the mailman was able to leave the delivery slip the one day I was not home (finally able to get the car up the driveway and out of the neighborhood,) I wasn’t able to visit the post office until this past Monday! The watch seems to be running perfectly and my husband really likes the new croc band. I am so glad that it was all able to come together. Best, Britt”
Chapel Hill, North Carolina – March 2015 Rolex Precision Watch Purchase

“John, Got the watch this afternoon. Wow! Even better than your website described! Thanks from a very satisfied customer.”
The Woodlands, Texas – February 2015 Vetta Chronometre Watch Purchase

“Hi John, Got the watch today, it’s great and Wife is very pleased. Thanks, Leigh”
Ogdensburg, New York – January 2015 Longines Watch Purchase

“Hello, John Something strange has been happening here. Every day when I get dressed and get to the accessorizing department, I walk out of the room wearing my new Longines automatic. Seriously, though, I am enjoying this watch tremendously and it is indeed becoming my go-to everyday preferred watch. Thanks again. Chris”
Glendale, California – December 2014 Longines Watch Purchase

“john received omega seammaster beautiful………robert”
Rancho Cucamonga, California – October 2014 Omega Seamaster Watch Purchase

“Hello John I have received the Zodiac Moon phase watch already thank you. Regards Thaness”
Bangkok, Thailand – September 2014 Zodiac Watch Purchase

“John, As I suspected, the package was here when I got in. The watch is great. Thank you very much for all your help. You will be hearing from me again when my budget permits. Kind regards, Art”
Cincinnati, Ohio – August 2014 Omega Seamaster 30 Purchase

“John I received my watch today. It looks amazing I can’t believe it is the same watch, and the strap you chose compliments it perfectly. Aaron”
Chatham, New Jersey – August 2014 Omega Seamaser Watch Repair

“Got it. Looks great. Thank you very much John. Lynden”
Concord, Massachusetts – July 2014 Benrus Sky Chief Valjoux 71 Watch Repair

“Hi John Thank you for this. The watch has arrived in very good shape – thank you for the thoughtful packaging – appears to be working fine and I’m very pleased with it. Thank you for being in touch with me when it became available and generally for your help and responsiveness through the process. I will continue to look at the Farfo site with interest. Regards Olivia”
Rushcutters Bay, Australia – June 2014 Solar Gallet Watch Purchase

“John; I picked up the watch and the replating is very well done. Certainly was worth the wait. Thank you. Tom”
Stockholm, NJ – June 2014 Bulova Watch Case Replating

“John Received today and it looks great. Thanks. Joe”
Bradenton. Florida – May 2014 Pierpont Watch Repair

“John: I received the watch yesterday and my wife is very pleased. Thanks for a great transaction. Michael”
Seattle, Washington – April 2014 Rolex Watch Purchase

“John, Everything is ok. Thank you again. Arrived on March 10. Antonio”
Lausanne, Switzerland – March 2014 Minerva Single Pusher Chronograph Purchase

“I received my Skychief on Friday. It’s more than beautifull and I wear it of course. I’m happy. Thanks for everything and hope to hear you later, for another one..?? It was very nice to handle with you. Best regards and have a nice day. Etienne”
Brasschaat, Belgium – February 2014 Benrus Sky Chief Purchase

“The watches arrived safely last week and they are fantastic! Thanks for doing such a good job – its lovely to be able to wear my dads watch! With thanks Kirsteen”
Hershey, PA – February 2014 Bulova and Record Watches Repaired

“John. I’ve had it running now for almost a full day and everything is looking good to this point. I normally give watches a 3-day “test drive” just to be sure (i.e., same as your stated policy). This is the first watch I’ve had with the male lugs, and from what I can find on the Internet, the female spring bars can be hard to find, so I’m glad you were able to take care of that. Jim”
Mountain Home, AR – January 2014 Universal Geneve 18K Solid Gold Aero Compax Purchase

“John I got it. It’s a beautiful, simple and elegant watch. Happy holidays. Michael”
Pembina North Dakota – December 2013 Universal Geneve Watch Purchase

“John, The watch arrived today, 10th. December. It is lovely and I am delighted. Thanks for the great service. I will certainly keep monitoring your site. Mike”
East Sussex, United Kingdom – December 2013 Longines Chronograph Purchase

“They delivered my watch Christmas eve. It looks and runs great. I am very pleased with it. Thank you. Judge Billy”
Arlington, TX – December 2013 Cord Watch Repair

“Hello, John… I have a Gruen triple date wristwatch that requires repair. It appears to have been over wound and the pusher buttons don’t seem to work. Would you mind taking care of this, in addition to cleaning and routine maintenance? You restored my father’s Gruen Verithin for me a few years ago, am I was literally floored by its appearance. Museum quality! I have several other watches in my collection that need repair, so I am likely to become a repeat customer. Thank you for your time and attention. Regards, Vance”
Council Bluffs, Iowa – November 2013 Regarding Gruen Verithin Repair Service

“John I received the Zodiac and it is superb in all respects! Also,the leather strap is of the best quality.Thanks much and have a good week Best John”
Circleville, Ohio – October 2013 Zodiac Triple Date Moonphase Watch Purchase

“Hi John…I picked up the watch and I am really happy with it, it looks really smart thank you…. Totally worth the wait, I am very happy with the results. I am on your mailouts and keep an eye on the site so hopefully we can do something again in the future. Regards Tim”
Bermuda – October 2013 Universal Geneve Watch Restoration

“Hello John, Just a quick not to let you know that the Heuer Chronograph arrived safe and sound. Extremely pleased with this one, She’s a beauty. Thanks again for all your help and hope to hear from you soon. Tim”
Norfolk, Virginia – Septermber 2013 Heuer Chronograph Purchase

“John…WOW…Your workmanship is superb. My watch looks fantastic. Have a good weekend, Derryn”
Montgomery, Alabama – September 2013 Hamilton Watch Restoration

“John, I received the watch. Thank you for doing a great job, it was well worth the wait…Many thanks Barrington”
London, England – August 2013 Gruen Curves Watch Restoration

“Hello, John. It arrived safe and sound today, a stunning beauty. I’ve had it running for a couple of hours now, and so far it’s running very nicely. Thanks once again. Jim”
Mountain Home, Arkansas – July 2013 Vintage Benrus Sky Chief Purchase

“John: Thank you ! I am sending you some more watches with instructions. Thanks for your great work! Have a safe week…. Bill”
Delray Beach, Florida – July 2013 Omega Seamaster Watch Repair Service

“Hi John, Several years ago you did a wonderful job on my father-in-laws Omega watch. It was a gold(18k) watch that had no back. You did a wonderful job restoring the watch and made a custom back from 14kg. My father-in-law absolutely loved it. It became a family heirloom which was just recently passed down to my husband. I have several watches in need of repair and probably one restoration. Should I send them to you all in one package? Thank you, Noreen”
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey – June 2013 Vintage Omega Watch Restoration service

“Good Morning John, Thank you!! I received the watch today and it looks fantastic, you did a beautiful job…Thank you! Edgar”
Brownsville, Texas – June 2013 Wakmann Charles Gigandet Chronograph Repair

“John, I got my watch! I wound it up, set the time, and am admiring it as I type these words. It has only been a few hours, but it is keeping great time so far. Thank you for fixing my watch. Lawrence”
Austin, Texas – June 2013 Elgin Watch Restoration

“Hello John, Received the watch today, thank you. Looks fantastic and is running superbly. Couldn’t be happier. I have a few more projects to swing your way in the near future if your game. Best regards, James”
Fort Pierce, Florida – May 2013 Vintage Omega Seamaster Watch Restoration

“John, I received the Bucherer today. It looks great, thanks for your good work with my watches. Very best, Jeff”
St. Augustine, Florida – April 2013 Vintage Bucherer Watch Repair Service

“John — This morning, I received the Breitling Chronomat, and signed for it as requested. First inspection shows all in apparent good order. Handsome watch. Thanks. Bruce”
Toledo, Ohio – March 2013 Vintage Breitling Chronomat Purchase

“Hi John; I received the watch this afternoon. It is beautiful on the outside and I would bet like new on the inside. I want to thank you for all the time you spent on this watch of mine. I can’t thank you enough for a job well done. Thanks John, and till we meet again, I remain Sincerely, Jim”
Mankato, Minnesota – February 2013 Elgin Watch Repair Service

“Galaxy collected safely this morning. Very nice example indeed. Thank you for everything. I am still after the moon phase Lecoultre you had if you find one…Kind regards Olivier”
Naples, Florida – February 2013 LeCoultre 14K Galaxy Mystery Dial Watch Purchase

“hi John, The watch is quite magnificent, thanks, Ron”
Ashfield, Massachusetts – January 2013 Mathey Tissot Watch Repair Service

“Hi John, The watches arrived today safe and sound! Thank you very much. I am going to wrap them separately in BIG boxes. They look great. I’ll let you know what he says! Happy holidays to you and yours, Elizabeth”
Prospect, Kentucky – December 2012 Vintage Omega and Heuer Chronograph Purchase

“Hello Mr. DiDonato, The watches arrived in fine condition this past Saturday. They are running quite well. Thank you for your work – I appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Jeannie”
Willow Springs, North Carolina – December 2012 Bulova Watch Restorations

“Hi John, I got the watch. It looks very good and is running well. It was worth waiting for. Thanks, and enjoy the holidays. Bob”
Hillsborough, New Jersey – December 2012 Hamilton Gilbert Watch Repair Service

“Dear John, My dad’s repaired watch arrived yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with it. It looks brand new! It can now be passed down as a family heirloom (unless I manage to run it through the washer again!) Flavia”
New Ashford, Massachusetts – November 2012 Longines Vintage Watch Restoration

“Hi John My watch came today. You did a great job. It really looks wonderful, and it feels so good to have it back on my wrist Thank you Morgan”
Boca Raton, Florida – September 2012 Cartier Santos Watch Repair

“Hi John, My watch arrived yesturday. It looks beautiful. Looking forward to wearing it again. Thanks! ;Warmest Regards, Doug”
Lexington Park, Maryland – July 2012 Vintage LeCoultre Watch Repair

“John …just picked the watch up from the post office. Fantastic work, the Zenith looks great and I could not be happier. The watch was refurbished exactly as you described.Thanks again. Chris”
Elmhurst, Illinois – June 2012 Zenith Watch Repair Service

“John, I received the watch. Thank you very much. Best regards, Richard”
Paris France – May 2012 Omega Seamaster DeVille Watch Purchase

“John, Just wanted to say thanks for the job you did on restoration of the watch. My wife was very excited to receive it. It looks like a new watch and has been running well. Thanks again for a job well done! Phil”
Denville, New Jersey – May 2012 Vintage Ladies Bulova Watch Repair

“John, Great job on my watch repair, it was worth the waite! The Minerva Chrono looks like new and runs like new. Will be forwarding my vintage Rolex to you so you can spin your magic P.S. Will be passing your name on to friends Best Regards Peter”
BEAUFORT,South Carolina – April 2012 Vintage Minerva Chronograph Repair Service

“John, the watch arrived this weekend, and as you can see, it was a big hit! Thanks for coming through on this one… Connie”
Croton on Hudson, NY – March 2012 Longines Grand prize Automatic 14K Watch Purchase

“John, my watch is looking good and running great. Thanks. — Phil”
Tallahassee, Florida – March 2012 Bruford Vintage Watch Repair

“Hello John, I recieved my Vintage Gruen Curvex Watch with extended flexible lugs back from servicing on 3-19-12. The watch is keeping good time and all is fine. Thanks for doing an excellent job. Mike”
Silver Springs, Florida – March 2012 Vintage Gruen Curvex Repair Service

“John, Great job! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone Dan”
Dallas, Texas – March 2012 Vintage Hamilton Watch Repair

“John, i have just received the Britix, all in good order! thank you very much. Robert.”
Kogaragh, NSW Australia – February 2012 Pierre Givaut / Britix Chronograph Purchase

“John, the P.O. delivered my watch this afternoon; It works perfectly. The new wristband is truly exceptional in quality and sets off the watch beautifully. I very much appreciate the fine work you’ve done in repairing and fitting a new wristband and crown to this timepiece. I also look forward to consulting you in the future and of recommending your work and selection of fine watches to others. Best wishes for good health! Regards, Al”
Basking Ridge, NJ – February 2012 G.U.B. Vintage Watch Repair

“Hi john Thank you very much for the watch – it arrived in perfect time and was totally perfect gift! So thank you for your help. Many thanks Jiggy”
London, England – January 2012 Baume and Mercier Chronograph Purchase

“Hello John, I received my Elgin pocket watch yesterday and wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful job you did.The watch keeps great time and looks like a million dollars. I couldn’t be happier Your attention to detail yet fast hassle free service made for a pleasant transaction Thanks to you and your assistants I can enjoy a watch made almost 92 years ago. Happy Holidays… Bob”
Fayetteville, NY – January 2012 Elgin Pocket Watch Repair.

“I have it – thank you; amazing service! Julian”
Meridan, United Kingdom – December 2011 Vintage Leonidas Chronograph Purchase

“Bulova arrived today. Beautiful job was so excited. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. Aloha, Carol”
Hawaii – December 2011 Vintage Bulova Watch Repair

“Hello. Happy thanksgiving to you too.Thanks again for your quick response. I did receive the watch today. It’s a beautiful watch. I’m sure my husband is going to love it. It looks like its in great condition. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. I’m sure my husband will get back to you letting you know how much he loves it. So thank you again and happy holidays. Ingrid”
North Bergen, NJ – November 2011 Vintage Wittnauer Chronograph Purchase

“Hello John, I received the watch back a couple of days ago, I have fitted a new strap and it’s looking very fine. The watch also is keeping very good time. Thanks very much for your work. bets regards, Malcolm.”
Tokyo, Japan – November 2011 Breitling Top Time Repair

“Hi John After 2 months I want to honestly thank you for the great job that you did on my vintage omega watch Thanks Dimos”
Athens, Greece – November 2011 Omega Vinage Watch Restoration

“John, I received the watch today. It looks and operates great. Thank you. James”
Lawrenceville, NJ – October 2011 Vintage Minerva Watch Repair Service

“John, The watch is perfect!!! Thank you again for going out of your way to drop it off. Sitting at macanudo before dinner! Best, CH Cindy”
California – September 2011 Vintage Omega Watch Purchase

“John The watch arrived yesterday. It looks great. Thanks for taking care of the issue with the crystal. Very happy with the end product. Frank”
Pickford, MI – September 2011 Vintage Bulova Watch Repair Service

“Dear John, Just wanted to let you know that I received the Certina yesterday and am very pleased with it; it is ticking away on my wrist as I write this. It suits my needs perfectly and will be worn daily. Thank you, Matthew”
Flint Hill, VA – August 2011 Vintage Certina Watch Purchase

“Hi, John. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the excellent servicing and repair you did not too long ago on my Eberhard automatic. Everything is working smoothly and it looks fantastic. Thanks, Holly”
Hummelstown, PA – August 2011 Vintage Eberhard Watch Repair Service

“I received my watch. It works beatifully. thanks you. Donna”
Santa Rosa, CA – August 2011 Mickey Mouse Watch Repair Service

“just wanted to say thank you. The watch went over like gang busters.Sincerely, Rachel”
Brooklyn, New York – July 2011 Vintage IWC Watch Purchase

“John I received the watch and it looks very nice. Thank you for your repair work and for your prompt response. I’ll look forward to wearing it on special occasions. Thank you, Robert”
Chester Springs, PA – July 2011 Vintage Benrus Watch Repair Service

“John, I received the watch today. It is beautiful! Looking forward to giving it to my husband tomorrow. Thank you very much for the quick service, and have a great weekend. Tracy”
Washington, DC – June 2011 Vintage Alsta Chronograph Purchase

“John, I did receive it today and it looks wonderful. Thank you for doing a great job. I feel sure it will run just as good as it looks. Sincerely, David”
Richmond, VA – June 2011 Vintage LeCoultre Watch Repair Service

“Hi John,Just to let you know that the watch has arrived and it is lovely. Al the best, John”
London, England, U.K. – May 2011 Vintage Ulysse Nardin Chronometre Purchase

“Hi John, Received my Tissot today, it looks FANTASTIC. Thank you for reconditioning a treasured memento. Regards, George”
Arlington, TX – May 2011 Vintage Tissot Watch Repair Service

“Hi John Got the watch. Love it. Thanks for the prompt service! Anubhav”
Auckland, New Zealand – April 2011 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King Precision Purchase

“John, Received the watches. At first glace they look great. Thank you. Nick”
Westfield, NJ – April 2011 Vintage Omega Speedmaster Repair Service

“Hi, John, I just got the watch and it looks and works great. Many thanks for taking good care of it. Best regards, Alberto”
New York, New York – March 2011 Vintage Cyma Watch Repair

“Hi John/Farfo, Just a quick note that I received my Farfo ordered watch – order # 100-132-L – and all good. Received my Heuer in good shape. I will shop Farfo again!. Nice transaction – thanks! Steve”
Atlanta, GA – February 2011 Vintage Heuer Dive Watch Purchase

“Recieved the watch today…Looks great….Thanks again.,, Greg”
Beverly, MA – February 2011 Vintage Hampton Watch Repair

“Thank you very much and glad to have the 2nd purchase from you.The last one was for my daughter, Order Number 129122-L. warm regards Gianni”
Taipei,Taiwan – January 2011 Pierpont Vintage Calendar Watch Purchase

“Hi, John, Dad got the watch and said it looks great. Thanks for the great work! Mike”
Charleston, WV – January 2011 Vintage Angelus Chronodato Repair

“Dear John, The watch arrived safely thank you very much. Kind regards, Nicola”
London, England, U.K. – December 2010 Vintage Universal Geneve Watch Purchase

“Hi John, I picked up the watch at the post office in Bozeman this morning; it actually arrived on Saturday but I went to my mailbox too late to go to the post office downtown to sign for it. It looks very good and so far it appears to be keeping good time. Thanks for fixing it for me. Happy holidays, Bob”
Bozeman, MT – December 2010 Rolex Tudor Vintage Watch Repair

“I have received the watch today.It’s awesome ! Maybe I am the only person in Malaysia who own this watch Mohd”
Malaysia – November 2010 Wittnauer Retrograde Futurama Purchase

“John, The Omega De Ville arrived safely today, and it looks beautiful… a perfect classic. I am delighted. Kind regards, Colin”
Kinsale, Ireland – November 2010 Vintage Omega DeVille Watch Repair

“Thank you for the watch box and the extra bands. It was a surprise. Classy delivery. All watches keeping good time. Louis”
Anacortes, WA – October 2010 Hamilton, Wittnauer and Longines Purchases

“John, received my watch today…looks great” thanks much….do you work on the Seiko Moonphase watches? Thanks again, Patrick”
Green Valley, AZ – October 2010 Vintage LaSalle Watch Repair

“John, My father-in-law is very happy with his watch, has gotten a band and is wearing it daily. (I don’t know if he’ll try to reenlist in the Army Air Corps or not.) Thanks for your good work. Robert”
Houston Texas – September 2010 Vintage Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch Repair

“John, Watch received safe and sound yesterday and it is truly excellent as described. Thank you. Best wishes, Tim”
London, England, U.K. – September 2010 Vintage Hamilton Ladies Watch Purchase

“John, Just wanted to let you know that the watches are running great, and look fantastic! I may have a couple more for you to do comes January. Thanks, Mark”
Oradell, NJ – September 2010 Vintage Gruen and Movado Repairs

“John, Feel free to add me to your mailing list and thank you for assisting me in my first vintage timepiece purchase. You are very knowledgable, patience and a true gentleman…. look forward to my next purchase. Patrick
Summerfield, NC – August 2010 Vintage Movado Calendomatic Watch Purchase

“John The watch arrived today in exquisite condition!!! Thank you very much indeed. Best regards David”
Canberra, Australia – July 2010 Rolex Cellini Watch Purchase

“Thank you John. I received my watch and it is running like new. Michael”
Sarasota, FL – July 2010 Vintage Angelus Watch Repair

“I received my Rolex Oyster on Monday and I have not taken it off. I can’t thank you enough and you did it for less than half that I was quoted in three “prestigious” places here in South Florida. Many thanks, enjoy the rest of your summer. Sincerely, William”
Delray Beach, FL – July 2010 Vintage Rolex Oyster Repair

“hey john, thanks again for the seafarer A&F- LOVE IT! i passed your info to a couple of friends in nyc who will be checking out some of your watches, i showed them a few i think they should get… there names are peter … & john … (great guys) hope they buy some watches…thanks Mike”
Rochester- July 2010 Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer Solumar Chronograph Watch Purchase

“John the watches look great, and I simply can’t believe how you made my Dad’s watch look like new. My many thanks! Tom”
Denver, CO – July 2010 Vintage Benrus Watch Repair

“John, I have bought 2 watches from you in the past month. The Vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic Watch (040-517) and the Bucherer Vintage Automatic Chronometer (040-147) I really do love them! I just received the Omega today. Thank you very much! Kurt”
Lexington, KY – June 2010 Vintage Omega and Bucherer Watch Purchase

“Hi Thanks for the very nice repair job. Best Harvey”
Ruidoso, NM – June 2010 Gubelin Triple Date Moonphase Watch Repair

“John I received my watch today, looks brand new, you did an excellent job. Thank you for the exceptional service. Best Regards; Bill”
Norcross, GA – June 2010 Vintage Elgin Watch Repair

“John, got the watch yesterday, wound it and has kept perfect time now for over 24 hours! Am delighted, no actually I’m thrilled, with the watch. Your online presentation of the watch was descriptive and accurate. Proof that fine watches CAN be purchased online. Many thx, Ted”
Austin, TX – May 2010 Mathey-Tissot Silver Coin Watch Purchase

“John, I received the watch this afternoon. It look great. Thank you for all your work. Leo”
Scottsdale, AZ – May 2010 Vintage Longines Pocketwatch Repair Service

“John,I received the watch. You did a terrific job, it’s beautiful. I hope you took some before/after photos for your website. Thanks, Scott”
Ramsey, NJ – May 2010 Vintage Benrus Watch Repair

“Hello, I’ve just received the watch. I’m very pleased with it! Thank you very much for the prompt service. Best regards, Chris”
London, England – April 2010 Vintage Omega Watch Purchase

“John, I picked up my watch from the post office this morning and am wearing it now. Looks great and is running well. Thanks again for your help. Mike”
Southlake, TX – April 2010 Mido Oceanstar Watch Repair

“John Just to let you know, I just received the watch in good condition. it is beautiful, thank you. Doug”
Monticello, GA.- April 2010 Rolex Cellini Watch Purchase

“John — …you have restored 2 of antique watches and I am sending 2 more your way shortly (I was very happy with the quality of restoration on the previous work). Please let me know Thanks, Jim”
New York, NY – April 2010 Longines Golden Wing Watch Repair

“Hi John, I’ve been meaning to send this to let you know I have the watches and they look and work great! Thanks, Christopher”
Newark, NJ – April 2010 Omega Speedmaster and Wittnauer Chronograph Repairs

“Many Thanks…for the watch…I am enjoying it…should you have another Longines RAF come in, please give me a shout…Warmly, Lewis”
Superior, CO – March 2010 Vintage Longines Military Watch Purchase

“John –I got home this evening and pretty much ripped the box open in a nano-second or two to get at the watch. I am stunned. It looks brand new. It’ll be hard for me to not wear it every day. You were right on target – the lizard band really makes the watch look good. Thank you – more than you can realize – for your expert work, fine craftsmanship, and customer service in bringing life back to a 55-year-old watch. I could not be happier with what you’ve done… You may hear from a co-worker of mine – Paula… I talked with her last week about what you were doing and she mentioned that she has two of her mom’s watches. I’ll show her my watch [and rave about your work] this week. Thanks for including your business card – I’ll copy it for her. Based upon my experience, I’ll strongly encourage her to contact you and trust her watches to your care… I do appreciate your work – and your attitude and demeanor in working with me. If I lived within reasonable distance I’d offer to take you to coffee or lunch as a little additional ‘thank you’. I wish you well and will bring my business [and anyone I can influence!] to you. My thanks – obviously just like your dedication to your work and customers – are sincere, genuine, and heartfelt. David”
Dallas, TX – February 2010 Vintage Bulova Tank Watch Restoration

“The Longines is great! Robert”
Terre Haute, IN – February 2010 Vintage Longines Watch Purchase

“John, great watch. Exactly as advertised. We love it! We look forward to doing business again. Rod”
San Diego, CA – February 2010 Vintage Omega Automatic Watch Purchase

“John, The watches arrived and they are perfect! I was traveling when they came in. My wife gave them to me last night when I got back home. It was great to come home to them. Well done. BK”
Hurricane, WV – January 2010 Vintage Rolex and Longines Purchase

“Hi John, I received my Dad’s watch yesterday. You did a wonderful job polishing and fixing it. It looks great and winds like a dream. Thank you very much for all your work. Best Regards, Doug”
Lexington Park, MD – December 2009 Vintage Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repair


“John, you did good! They are beautiful to say the least. Thank you very much. George”
Westminster, MD – October 2009 – Two Vintage Bulova Watch Repair Services

“John, I have just received the Rolex Precision by FedEx today: mint condition, runs perfectly as described on the site. It has been great to do business with you: be sure I’ll be visiting your site regularly and that I’ll recommend it warmly to my friends in France. Many thanks Max”
Paris France – September 2009 Vintage Rolex Precision Purchase

“John Watch came today and it looks great! I like it so much, it will be hard to give as gift but dad deserves it. Thanks so much for the great work! John”
Dearborn, MI – September 2009 Vintage Hamilton Watch Repair Service

“John, I received the 18K Rolex President yesterday; I’m extremely happy with it! It’s everything I expected and more. Thanks for the super thorough packing on the quick shipment. I look forward to doing business again with you in the near future. Thanks for your professionalism and efficiency. Sincerely, Joseph
Sugar Land, TX – August 2009 Rolex Purchase

“Hi John, Just got my watch back today and had to let you know you did a beautiful job refinishing it. I just love these old antique windup watches. Thanks again, Judy”
Saint Louis, MO – August 2009 Berex Watch Repair

“Hello John, Today we received the watch. Thank you, it is beautiful !!! Peter is very glad with it. Till the next time and kind regards, Elize”
The Netherlands – August 2009 Vintage Breitling Chronomat Purchase

“John, I picked up the watch today from the post office. It looks great and I’m already wearing it! I’ll be taking it to my father tonight, for an early birthday present. Just short of 70 years from the last time I received it for his 21st birthday. Thank you for the great job. Brett”
Oreland, PA – August 2009 Vintage Longines Watch Repair Service

“Hi again John,I received the watch last friday, and it seems to be in pristine condition! I appreciate your professionalism and efficiency, and will certainly consider your business next time I’m watch hunting.Best regards, Kristina”
Oslo, Norway – July 2009 Vintage Breitling Chronograph Purchase

“John, The watch arrived safely this morning. It is just what I had anticipated and will be the cornerstone of my military watch collection. Thanks very much for your help, John
Fayetteville, AR- July 2009 Vintage Hamilton Canteen Dive Watch Purchase

“John: Just to confirm I have received the watch and it is working perfectly. Thanks for the service rendered. Am very happy and the watch is exactly the one I was looking for. Hope we will be in touch for another opportunity very soon. Regards, Yann”
Montrouge, France – July 2009 Vintage Omega 321 Chronograph Watch Purchase

“Hi John. I received the Zodiac and I am very happy with your work. The watch looks great and is running much better – seems accurate after 48 hours and the reserve power is much improved. The new watch band looks great too. Thanks! I am sure we will be in contact in the future…. Tom”
New York, NY – July 2009 Zodiac Watch Repair

“John, Got the watch Friday, looks great. Thanks, Tique”
Foley, AL – June 2009 Vintage Omega Watch Purchase

“Watch showed up today. It looks great, couldn’t be happier. Thanks! Ernie”
Wellington, CO – June 2009 Gallet MultiChron Watch Repair

“Hi John, The Omega got back to me this morning and what a fine looking watch it is. You and your staff did a super job. Superb polishing 🙂 to finish things off nicely, so nice, I now need a new band to display the watch on my wrist. I surely don’t wanna put the old band back on. Fine job indeed John, Thanks again, Kevin”
Washington, DC – June 2009 Vintage Omega Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received my Mido Multifort today and am very pleased with this beauty. Just wanted to let you know it arrived in good shape. I will check out your website in the future and maybe find some other must haves. Thanks; Best Wishes, Dan”
Fairfax Station, VA – May 2009 Vintage Mido Watch Purchase

“Hi John: Thanks for doing such a great job on the watch. It’s perfect — still all the patina and it works. do you happen to have an authentic band for the watch? The one that is on it is too small for me. Thanks once again, Steve”
Salem, MA – May 2009 Vintage Bulova Military Watch Repair

“Dear John. I received yr watch this morning and I ‘m very happy for everything you did for me. I will always surf through yr website hoping to find Longines 13ZN and 30CH or Omega 33.3 and others similar but high quality and good prices. An embrace from Italy. I wish you and yr family good luck and much health. Bye Bye Giorgio”
Magnago Italy – April 2009 Omega Chronograph Watch Purchase

“Dear John, I forgot to follow up on the work you did, so I apologize. We are very pleased with the work done on the watches. I gain points with the girlfriend every time you repair one of her watches. So thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future. Respectfully, Angel”
Forest Hills, NY – April 2009 Harpo Watch Repair

“John: The watch arrived today and for its age, looks great. Thanks for the service. Will be sending you a pocket watch in the near future. Allen”
Talladega, AL – April 2009 Vintage Raffs Watch Repair

“John, received the watch and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for working with me and we’ll keep in touch. Be well! John”
Shrub Oak, NY – March 2009 Vintage IWC Watch Purchase.

“Hi John Just emailing to let you know that I have received the watch in good order. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and also the extra watchband cord. I really love my new watch it is everything I hoped for. Have a great day. Lana”
Melbourne, Australia – March 2009 Vintage Omega Watch Purchase

“Dear Mr. J. DiDonato, Thank you kindly for your diligence and adherence to the exacting artistry of your craft. But, most importantly thank you for the PATIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM you exhibited. It went a LONG, LONG way in making me feel comfortable that I had chosen the right organization to entrust such an important task. Please find the information you requested below, and once again THANK YOU!!! Archibaldo”
Massapequa, NY – March 2009 Vintage Mido Superautomatic Repair

“john ,thank you for beautiful watch. kind regards Nico”
Holland – February 2009 TAG Heuer Searacer Watch Purchase

“We received the watch today. Thanks for all your help. Tara”
Freedom, PA- February 2009 – 1980’s Wittnauer Watch Repair

“John, Received the watch today. It looks brand new, actually I’m not sure that it doesn’t look better than when I purchased it. Thank you so much for your help and effort in restoring it back to running order. It means a great deal to me. Thank You!!! Murray”
Columbia, TN – February 2009 Seiko DX Watch Repair

“Hello John, I received the Vintage Rectangular Lecoultre 3 date moonphase back yesterday 1- 9-2009, all is fine. Thanks, Mike”
Silver Springs, FL – January 2009 Vintage LeCoultre Triple Date Moonphase Watch Repair

“John — The watch arrived by post yesterday and is exactly as represented…your assistance and good service is most appreciated. Sargent”
Vancouver, B.C., Canada – January 2009 Vintage Gubelin Chronograph Watch Purchase

“Hi John! Just wanted to say thanks for the work on my Crown USA watch, it looks great! Paul”
Montgomery, AL – January 2009 Crown USA Watch Repair

“Thank you again for taking such good care of my little watch… it means a lot to me that I can keep on wearing it. Beatrice”
Columbia, MD – January 2009 Vintage Timex Watch Repair

“Hi, John – Wanted to let you know we received the watch. As advertised, and very pretty in person…Anyway, thank you for your prompt, professional service. My wife is pleased and looking forward to our first “occasion” so she can take it for a drive. All the best, Mike”
Merion Station, PA – December 2008 Vintage Ladies Omega Cocktail Watch Purchase

“John, It just got here. Thanks so much… It looks brand new. I’m so glad I sent it to you. Next time I’ll just buy the watch from you to begin with! I like to get my wife old watches and she loves them too, so I will definitely be buying from you in the future. I actually may get one for myself as well. I saw some on your site I would love. Anyway.. have a great Christmas. Neil”
Woodstock, NY – December 2008 Vintage Gruen Watch Repair

“John – I got the watch today and it’s perfect. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and I’ll surely be back in the future.Have a great holiday, and thank you. Brett”
Washington, D.C. – December 2008 Vintage Sidney Watch Purchase

“John, I got the watch today. It looks great. Just as you described. I’ve had it on for about an hour and it seems to be keeping good time. Thanks for remembering me. I’ll be in touch soon for repairs on some of my pieces. Rob”
Pittsburgh, PA – December 2008 Glashutte Chronograph Purchase

“John Just wanted to say that I recieved the watch and I am enjoying wearing it the refurbished face looks great. Thanks Mark”
Doylestown, PA – November 2008 Wakmann Chronograph Watch Repair

“John, rcv’d the watch yesterday and it’s working fine, thanks. do you repair clocks as well? David”
Stockton, NJ – November 2008 Elgin Pocketwatch Repair

“John, Hello! Just to let you know that I received my watch and the restoration is beautiful! Have a great holiday! Best regards, Bernd”
Kenilworth, NJ – November 2008 Vintage Benrus Tank Watch Repair

“John – the watch arrived today and it works! Also, thank you for the wristband – it really looks good. Best wishes for continued success and feel free to use us as a reference if it’s helpful to the cause. Happy Thanksgiving. C.W.”
Washington, D.C. – November 2008 Fontain Watch Repair

“Hi, John I wanted to use my watch for several weeks before I sent this email. After you made what ever adjustments you did, my zodiac watch runs great. Thank you for the extra effort. If you ever need a recomendation please put me on your list. Thank you Bill”
Glenshaw, PA – October 2008 Zodiac Watch Repair

“John: I received the two repaired watches several days ago and, after testing each, report that I couldn’t be more pleased with the repairs. Both function perfectly and keep reliable time. Please feel free to use my recommendation where it might be helpful – to let folks know that your excellent reputation for skill and integrity is well deserved. Thanks again. Chip”
Carrollton TX – October 2008 Panerai and Baume & Mercier Watch Repair

“Dear John, I just got my watch and want to thank you very much… It looks great. Bill”
Wyoming, NY – September 2008 Vintage Lemania Regatta Watch Repair

“John: Got the watch and it’s perfection! The band is just what I wanted. Many thanks for finding what I was looking for. Patti”
Cambridge, MA – August 2008 Vintage LeCoultre Watch Purchase

“Got the watch today. Thank you very much. I brings back many memories. Hubert”
Baytown, TX – August 2008 Vintage Mido Multifort Repair

“Hi John Eds watch arrived today and he is a happy camper. Thank you so much. Nancy and Ed”
Parsonsfield, ME – August 2008 Vintage Omega Watch Repair

“John: The Heuer got here yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks again, Don”
Overland Park, KS – July 2008 Vintage Heuer Chronograph Repair

“Hello John, I’ve received the Heuer this morning, such a nice vintage watch ! Many thanks for your patience and for the nice transaction. Régis”
Lyon France – July 2008 Vintage Heuer Chronograph Purchase

“John, I received the watch today. Thanks for the excellent repair. Frank”
Oceanport, NJ – July 2008 Moser & Cie trench watch repair

“John- I received my watch about a week ago, and I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your work. The watch looks and runs great and the strap is indeed a perfect complement. I was a little ambivalent about going forward with the repairs, but after getting the watch back, I’m completely convinced that I made the right decision. I also enjoyed our communication and, if the occasion permits, I will not hesitate to do business with you again. Thanks again. Jim -”
Dakota County Minnesota – July 2008 Wakmann Chronograph Repair

“John, Received it back today. Looks great! Thanks, and I am going to enjoy wearing it. George”
Wilson, North Carolina – July 2008 Vintage Arnex Watch Repair

“Got it. Looks great. Thanks so much. TJ”
New York City – June 2008 Vintage Tiffany Watch Purchase

“John, The watches arrived safely in today’s mail. Thank you very much for the fine job of repair and restoration. I am pleased to have these watches in working order. Best wishes, Brother Christian,”
Saint James Monastery, Springfield, IL. Lord Elgin and Berenger Watch Repair

“John, Received the Waltham and West End today, you did a first rate job on both. The re- lume on the Waltham is outstanding. I guess the best way to appreciate your work is to send you another watch. I’ll be sending a circa 1953 Bulova A17A shortly. Again thank you for your craftsmanship. Dan”
Raleigh, North Carolina – June 2008 Waltham and West End Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received my watch and thought I would let you know how well it is running. I wound it Monday around 10:30AM and it finally ran down TODAY Wednesday at 1:30 PM, very good preformance considering it was made in 1922….Thank you for your letter and for putting my favorite watch back in running condition Betsy”
Carbondale, Illinois – June 2008 Vintage Rolex Watch Repair Service

“John, The watch is working fine, even the date/day feature. Plus, it looks great (the crown is not as big as I was imagining it to be). Anyway, I’ve recommended you to a friend of mine who has her father’s old watch that hasn’t worked in a while. If I have anything else that needs to be repaired, I’ll definitely send it to you! Thanks” Holly
Baton Rouge, Louisiana – June 2008 Eberhard Watch Repair

“Hi John I received my watch today, it’s lovely … perfect. Thank you very much” Louise
Wiltshire, England – May 2008 Vintage Ulysse Nardin Watch Purchase

“John Just to let you know that I got the watches and I am very happy with them – you did a beautiful job and the watch band selection was perfect. You are right – it takes time – lots of time – but the results are worth it. Thanks” Bob
Denville, New Jersey – May 2008 Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic and Longines Grand Prize Repairs

“Hi John ! I am really, really very happy with the work that you made it. Send it a new watches to make the same work. Best Regards.” Juan
Puerto Rico – May 2008 Rolex Cellini Repair and Dial Refinishing

“Dear John, Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safely. Thank you very much.” Mimi
Branford, Connecticut – May 2008 Vintage Elgin Watch Repair

“I have received my watch it works perfectly, again, I thank you. I will be a returning customer. Thank you” Joshua
Jersey City, New Jersey – May 2008 Lord Elgin Aquamaster Repair

“John, Watch arrived yesterday and from the first winding “felt” different, thank you! I hope we have it this time….You are going to be my official go to guy for rolex repairs hereinafter, and I will watch your site to find my next one…. I will have a Canadian Rolex Royal coming at you as soon as my budget will allow. It will need a crystal and a tune up. But you did such a fine job with my Corvette, you earned the repeat business. Thank You Again” Matt
Addison, Illinois – April 2008 Vintage Rolex Corvette Watch Repair

“Dear sir John DiDonato : I have received the watch. The watch is delivered safely on April 22. The item is also in good condition. I look forward to the chance of dealing also in the future.” Seiichiro
Japan – April 2008 Clebar Valjoux 72 Vintage Chronograph Purchase

“John, The Wittnauer Sector watch arrived in good order and is happily (and noisily!) ticking on my wrist. I am a happy customer! Thanks for your prompt service and extremely well presented (and easily navigated) website. I hope we can do business again, as it is clear that you have a good eye for vintage watches. Cheers!” David
Seattle, Washington – April 2008 Vintage Wittnauer Sector Retrograde Watch Purchase

“John, got the bulova chrono, fast shipping, thanks” Nicolas
Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2008 Vintage Bulova Chronograph Purchase

“The watch arrived safely. My wife is pleased and when she is pleased life is good..Thanks” Bob
Kingwood, Texas – April 2008 Geneva Watch Repair

“Hello, John: The watch arrived Thursday…working excellently and looking good. Thank you for your care; so happy I found your website! Anne” Anne
San Francisco, California – April 2008 Vintage Gruen Verithin Repair

“Btw i received my cosmic back last week, its running great” Steve
Walnut Creek, California – March 2008 Omega Cosmic Moonphase Watch Repair

“John, Thanks for the watches. They look and run great !! ” Lori
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania – March 2008 Hamilton and Wittnauer Watch Repair

“John, Watch arrived. Looks great works fine. Many thanks! Regards, Guy” Guy
Livonia, Michigan – March 2008 Vintage Bulova Watch Repair

“John, Thought I would let you know that I received the watch today. I am very pleased, nice piece. Couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks” Pasquale”
Springfield, VA. – March 2008 Heuer 3000 Purchase

“Hiya John, The watch has been gifted and is much loved by its new owner Ian!!! He’s totally besotted. Thanks for all your advice and help :-)” Nuala
Dublin, Ireland – February 2008 Vintage Longines Chronograph Purchase

“John, I am sorry I’ve delayed my thanks to you for repairing an old friend. I no longer have an excuse for my tardiness. The Duval is running fine. David”
Baltimore, Maryland – February 2008 Vintage Duval Valjoux 72 Chronograph Repair

“John; I picked up the watch yesterday afternoon. It looks great! Thank you. Joe”
Oak Ridge, NJ – February 2008 Vintage Wittnauer Watch Repair

“John- I would imagine that calls and email messages to this effect are commonplace for you, but the work that you did on my Heuer Triple Date was wonderful. When I opened up the package, my wife even exclaimed that she didn’t realize before that my watch was so beautiful. It truly looks like a new watch. I’m afraid I don’t have time to “gush” appropriately, so I must cut this short . . . Please rest assured that I am VERY pleased with your work, and will not hesitate to recommend your services. V/r- John”
Herndon, Virginia – January 2008 Vintage Heuer Triple Date Calendar Watch Repair

“John, Just to let you know that…my friend gave it to me today and I am really happy with it, it looks great and was exactly as described. Thanks for your efficiency and exact description” Julien
Switzerland – January 2008 Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Solunar Watch Purchase

“John, The Rolex is on my wrist. It feels good, and arrived in good order. Keep in touch.” Jon
New Jersey – January 2008 Vintage Rolex Purchase

“Hi John -thanks for the watch! It arrived safely and it is georgous!” Markus
Switzerland – December 2007 Vintage Optima Watch Purchase

“Hello John The watch has arrived and I am pleased with it. Many thanks for your service.” Andrew
England – December 2007 J.W. Benson Vintage Watch Purchase

“Hi John, Thank you very much for the service ! The watch is in excellent condition and is a great satisfaction to have it ! I surely will tell every one about your serious service and your great watches. Thanks againg and merry Christmas Best Regards” Giampiro
Italy – December 2007 Zodiac Solid Gold Chronograph Purchase

“John, I received the two watches today (12/01) afternoon. They look great. Thank you. Sincerely, Donald”
San Bruno, California – November 2007 Abercrombie & Fitch Chronograph Purchase

“John… I have received my watch. It looks great and seems to be running just as it should. In fact, the buttons and stem operate far more smoothly than they did several years ago when the watch came back from Japan after being serviced by Seiko. Thank you! Take care, Steve”
Elk Grove, California – November 2007 Seiko Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received the Breitling today, it looks great. I’ve had it on my winder all day and it’s keeping great time. I have another Omega Cosmic I am going to send you for service and inspection. –steve”
Walnut Creek, California – November 2007 Breltling Datora Watch Repair

“John, Today I have picked up my Longines watch and it is beautiful again! Thank you very much for your good service and I will hope that the watch is ticking for a long time now!” Geert
The Netherlands – November 2007 Vintage Longines Watch Repair

“I received the watch over the weekend. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe it was the same watch. It looks brand new and runs great. Thank you for the great job” Robert
Branchburg, NJ – November 2007 Hamilton Watch Repair

“John I would like to take few minutes of your time to thank you for the work done in my watch . I’m very please with the outcome. You had restore its beauty. Thanks again and good luck in your bussiness. Jesse”
Hercules, California – November 2007 Vintage Zodiac Moonphase Watch Repair

“John: Thank you for the beautiful restoration! It is more beautiful than I imagined. I will be glad to refer anyone to you for quality of workmanship, in fact I already have referred a couple of people with vintage watches! Thank you again John! Hal”
Napa, California – November 2007 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch Repair

“Hi John, Thank you so very much for the safe return of Mickey! The package arrived today and I was so excited. Mickey appears to be keeping good time. Thank you! Betsy”
Cary, North Carolina – October 2007 Mickey Mouse Watch Repair

“John, Package received today in good condition, watches are running well, have seen some more beautiful watches on your website! best regards” Jan
The Netherlands – October 2007 Omega Cosmic Moonphase and LePhare Watch Purchase

“John, I just got the watch. Really beautiful. Thanks so much” Brendan
Chicago, Illinois – September 2007 Lebois Extra Vintage Chronograph Purchase

“Dear John, Tag watch received on Monday 24th September. Very pleased. Had to pay some inport duty, but thanks for trying the ‘repair return’ tack. Regards” Howard
East Sussex, UK – September 2007 TAG Heuer Searacer Chronograph Purchase

“Dear John, I just opened the Fedex package and found my Jacquet-Baume in perfect condition. Absolutely beautiful watch!! Have a great weekend. Thanks & regards” Clemente
Hong Kong – September 2007Jaquet-Baume Moonphase Watch Purchase

“Hi John. I received the watch yesterday. Looks and works great! Thanks again.” Dave
Canton, MI – September 2007 TAG Heuer Purchase

“Hello John, Just to let you know that I received the Gotham watch over the weekend—it’s wonderful to have it working again, thank you!!” Margaret
Portland, ME – September 2007 Gotham Braille Watch Repair Service

“Hi John, My wife is very happy with the watch. Thank you very much. Best of luck with your endeavors and I will certainly do business with you again in the future. Regards,” Warren
Center Moriches, NY – August 2007 Antique Borel Watch Repair Service

“John I received the watch and it is good working order. I feel like I have my baby back in good health! Thanks for the superb work. I will be sending you another Sobrinos for repair…Again, thanks for the great work. I will spread the word about your excellent service.” Paul
Augusta, GA – July 2007 Cuervo Y Sobrinos Chronograph Repair

“Dear John, I received the watch this morning. It looks exactly as was described in your website. It works perfectly and looks great. I wont be sending it back. I want to congratulate you on the way everything went from my first email up to the delivery. I felt reassured that if I did not like the watch I could always sent it back. Yet I was hoping that the watch would be as good as the images on your website. Now that I received the watch I can confirm that watch is indeed magnificent. Thank you and kind regards Christophe”
Belgium – August 2007 Vintage Angelus Phigied Chronograph Purchase

“Hi John – just a quick Thank You note. I received the Heuer last week. It was delivered just fine. I unwrapped it, wound it and wore it to work the next day. It keeps good time and everything works like it should. Thanks for your effort. I often marvel at the power of the internet and the opportunities it creates. I can’t imagine that I would ever find you if there wasn’t an internet. Thanks again and I’m thrilled to have my watch back. How often should I expect to have it inspected, cleaned & adjusted? Regards,” Bruce
New York, NY – July 2007 Heuer Watch Repair

“Watches arrived today. This is the first time my citizen has worked in way over ten years. I couldn’t get anyone to even try to repair it. Thanks! I am wearing it to work Monday. Regards,” David
Albuquerque, NM – June 2007 Citizen Watch Repair 

“John, Just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the repairs you made to the Longines watch. The dial looks great and it is keeping accurate time. thanks,” Mark
Trumbull, CT – June 2007 Vintage Longines Watch Repair and Dial Refinishing

“John –I wanted to let you know that the watch arrived yesterday, and I’m very impressed not only with the quality of work you did restoring it, but also with the watch band. The watch has been running since about noon yesterday, I’ve been wearing it to keep it running, and it seems to be keeping good time. Thanks very much for everything you did. By the end of the summer or so, I’ll be sending you another Benrus automatic, this one was from my Grandfather. And, now that I see how nice your watch bands are, I’ll probably be ordering a couple others from you for some of my other watches. Thanks again,” Chip
Schenectady, NY – June 2007 Benrus Automatic Watch Repair

Kachsiung Taiwan – May 2007 Gubelin / IWC Watch Purchase

“Dear John, The watch had arrived last Saturday but I only came home yesterday. Excellent work. I could not have expected more. As I told you I have two more watches that I would like to send you. Best,” Pierre
Old Lyme, CT – May 2007 Gübelin Triple Date Moonphase Watch Repair

“John I received the watch today and am extremely pleased with it. You did a great job! Thank you very much. Well worth the wait! BTW, for future reference I will be watching your site for your watches. Again, thank you” Cheryl
Bath, NC – April 2007 Antique Elgin Watch Repair

“John: Received my watch today and it was well beyond my expectations. It is a family keepsake that was given to my grandfather back in the 50’s and it looks like a brand new watch. I have other that I will be sending your way for cleaning and refurbishing. Again, thanks for doing such an outstanding job. Warmest regards,” Mark
Thompsons Station, TN – April 2007 Vintage Lord Elgin Watch Repair Service

“Hi John, Finally got the watch. Some delays in customs, etc. I’m very happy with the purchase. At first glance, the watch is in superb condition and completely satisfies my expectations for a high-end dress watch. Aside from the time in customs, the purchase went pretty smoothly as well. It’s not always easy to figure out who’s trustworthy on the internet, so I’m glad the chance I took, buying on spec, panned out so well . cheers,” Richard
Melbourne, Australia – April, 2007 Jaeger LeCoultre Triple Date Automatic Moonphase Watch Purchase

“Hello John . I received the watch today (it was packaged very securely) thank you.I must say the pic on-line does not do it justice. Thank you again PETER”
Mendon, MA – March 2007 Solid Gold Swiss Dress Watch Purchase

“Dear John, The watch has arrived and is very nice. Even more than I expected… I’m happy with my new time keeper… Best regards Eric”
Seine / Marne, France – March 2007 Solid Gold Benrus Sky Chief Purchase

“Hi John-I received my watches this past monday, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am. The Atlantic is really beautiful, and makes a nice compliment to the Pierce. Thanks again for your thoughtful service- I look forward to my next purchase. Regards, Marc”
Austin, TX – March 2007 Vintage Pierce and Atlantic Watch Purchases

“John, I recieved the Longines today and am very pleased. You did an outstanding job on an old family heirloom. Thank you” Christopher
Ocoee, FL – March 2007 Longines Watch Repair

“The watches arrived today. My grandfather’s watch (the Tissot) looks amazing. Thank you.” Barry
Wichita, KS – March 2007 Baume et Mercier and Tissot Watch Repair and Restoration

“John, I received the watches this morning, and I am delighted. Thank you so much,” Lana
Monroe, CT – March 2007 Borel Ladies Cocktail Watch Repair

“Received watch. Working splendidly and looks great. Thanks for your professional work. It is truly appreciated.” Loesje
Washington, DC – March 2007 Vintage Gübelin Watch Repair

“Thanks, John, for everything. You’re an old time businessman…don’t catch too many like you anymore.” Dave
Bradley Beach, NJ – February 2007 Hampton Pocketwatch Repair

“John, No matter what Larry says, you’re OK. The Lord Elgin you rebuilt for me is fantastic! With the new crystal and polishing you did, it looks brand new, and it keeps perfect time. I gave it to Dad at a family dinner, and Dad loved it. Dad wore it for awhile. Then he gave it back to me and asked that I make sure it gets passed down to my son and Grandson. Thank you for doing a great job on it!” Ken
Plano, TX – February 2007 Lord Elgin Watch Repair Service

“Just received the watch, looks great!!!” Adam
Merrimack, NH – February 2007 Vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic Caliber 500 Purchase

“Hi, I received the watch today, great looking watch. Thanks Raul”
an APO address – January 2007 Vintage Alsta Date Chrono Purchase

“HI JOHN, the roamer has back to me, thank you very much, it is very nice, very soon, i will send you one more,can you do it in one month??? thanks!” Robin
Auckland, New Zealand – January 2007 Roamer Watch Repair Service

“I received my watch today. Thank you so much. It’s great to have it running again.” Rocky
Lilburn, GA – February 2007 Rolex Tudor Price Watch Repair

“Hi John, I just received the watch. Dial is sure looking good” Arjen
The Netherlands – January 2007 Vintage Falco Watch Repair Service

“Hi John, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my Duval watch has been running GREAT!!” Doug
Maplewood, MN – January 2007 Vintage Duvel Watch Repair Service

“Hi John-I received my watch on Friday, and I’m happy to say that it’s been working really well. Thanks again for your attention to detail and great communication. Now I can start saving up for my next purchase.Regards,” Marc
Austin, TX – January 2007 Pierce Watch Repair

“Hi John I received the watch here in perfect order, Thank You. I am quite satisfied with the work and the new lense which I expect took some fussing around to fit properly” David
El Cajon, CA – January 2007 Vintage Longines Admiral Watch Repair

“John, Didn’t get a chance to thank you for fixing my dad’s watch. It is perfect. Thanks again,” Susan
Chatham, NJ – January 2007 Vintage Wittnauer Watch Repair and Restoration

“Hey John. Watch looks great. Thanks. Happy Holidays.” Robert
Minneapolis, MN – December 2006 Vintage Tissot World Time Watch Repair

“Dear John, My Curvex has arrived safely, I am wearing it as I type this. Many thanks, and my compliments to whoever did the dial restoratiuon.” Doug
Surrey, UK – December 2006 Vintage Gruen Curvex Watch Repair and Restoration

“John, Picked up the watches at the PO today. They are better than expected. Next week I will be in touch as I want to send you a couple of watches to clean and or repair. Thanks again have a great New Year!” Tom
San Antonio, TX – December 2006 Vintage Hamilton and Zenith Watch Purchases

“Hello John…just wanted to send you a quick note to confirm the arrival of the Rotary SS Super Sport today. Looks great…runs great…my new favorite watch in my collection! Thanks much…” Frank
Scotts Valley, CA – December 2006 Vintage Rotary Super Sport Purchase

“Thanks John – It’s beautiful!” Peter
Washington, DC – November 2006 Vintage Gruen Airflight Purchase

“wow! i received the watch yesterday 12/06/06. the watch was very well packaged and upon gazing my eyes on the time piece tears dripped from my eyes as i saw the seconds hand ticking away.i then proceeded to carefully attach the thirtyish year old crocodile strap which has the most wonderfull looking bamboo pattern one could imagine,set the day of week,time and to my amazement pressed and clicked the shinny new crown to set day of 24hrs it gained 12sec,my d series rolex sub must feel embarrased. thank you mr.jdidonato for a job well done. early next year i have more work for you,i have a 1949 bulova that needs dial work. thanks again and greetings from the future 51st, puerto rico,u.s.a.” Florencio
Moca, Puerto Rico – November 2006 Vintage Benrus Day Date Repair and Restoration

“John —-Rec’d my watch today — thank you for your service and quick response. Regards” Dave
St. George, UT – November 2006 Vintage Longines Watch Repair Service

“John, the watch looks new. Great Work and nice band.” Steve
Andover, KS – November 2006 Vintage Baylor Watch Repair and Restoration

“My old and very much under the weather Gruen, came back looking (and keeping time) as if it was made yesterday. Superb craftsmanship. Thanks John” Terry
British Columbia – October 2006 Vintage Gruen Watch Repair and Restoration

“John, The watches arrived today. The Lucerne looks brand new, and I am presently wearing the Movado. Thanks so much. I have 2 more watches that I want you to look at, but I will wait until after the first of the year. Thanks again.” Attourney George W.
Wilson, NC – Oct 2006 Vintage Lucerne And Movado Watch Repair Services

“John… Wakmann Chronograph received, and working great! Looks good, works good! Thanks so much. What did you say your price was for an old Gotham “Gothamatic” self- winding for the cleaning, etc.? Drop me a line and let me know! Thanks again. I’m VERY happy with your work! Bill”
Pittsburgh, PA – October 2006 Vintage Wakmann Triple Date Valjoux 726 Chronograph Repair

“Dear John, I certainly received the watch on Sep 29,but since then I have been out of town for 10 days.So sorry that I couldn’t let you know my receipt. Thank you for your patience. Anyway the watch is great. I’m happy to have this watch. Hope all is well. Shunichi”
Tokyo Japan – October 2006 Vintage Rolex Solid Gold President Watch Purchase

“John, The Bradley arrived yesterday, very nice condition. Many thanks and best regards, mike maynard”
Chevy Chase, MD – October 2006 Vintage Bradley Watch Purchase

“HI John, Received the watch today and it is really beautiful, thank you. I am sure my husband will love it, so I might be back for more! All the best Elizabeth”
London, England – October 2006 Vintage Gallet Excelsior Park 40 Chronograph Watch Purcahse

“I picked up the watch today. What a beautiful dial. I’m taking it on a test run tonight and so far its’ keeping great time. I also understand the whole signing for the package thing. Very happy with my purchase, I’ve also added your sight to my favorites folder. Take care and thanks for keeping me informed. Milt”
Eagle River Alaska – September 2006 Vintage Haste Doctor’s Dial Watch Purchase

“John, I got the watch. It looks great. Thanks for the extra strap. I have a few more watches on my wish list. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks again, Morgan”
Jupiter, FL – September 2006 Breitling/Wakmann Vintage Chronograph Watch Purchase

“John, The watched arrived today and is wonderful. Thank you for your professional service and patience. Joe”
Menasha, WI – September 2006 Vintage Le Coultre Valjoux 72 Chronograph Purchase

“John I got the watch….. thank you! It looks better then i had anticipated, great job and thanks for the band. Mark”
Oak Island, NC – September 2006 Vintage Omega Seamaster Watch Repair Service

“Watch came yesterday. Looks great! Many thanks. Tony”
Setauket, NY – September 2006 Vintage Zenith Military Watch Repair

“Hi; Thanks for your time and attention I appreciate it. The watch looks great and is keeping great time. I will definitely use your service for my other watches as well as keeping my eye on your site for future purchases. – Thanks again.Sincerely; Robert”
Monson MA – August 2006 Vintage Ollech and Wajs Early Bird 24 Hour Watch Repair

“John, Just wanted to say thank you for the cleaning/repair on my Dad’s Paul Portinoux. Looks and runs great. Best regards”
Mableton, GA – August 2006 Paul Portinoux Vintage Watch Repair

“Very happy – I love complication!! I will continue to check your site periodically and look forward to doing business with you again in the future…”
Friendswood TX – August 2006 Vintage Solid Gold Universal Geneve Tri-Compax Moonphase Watch Purchase

“John, Belated notification that the Heuer arrived safely and is as described. Very pleased with the watch. Thanks, Bob Vanderslice”
Nahant, MA – August 2006 Heuer Dive Watch Purchase

“John, Thank you very much for the strap, it’s kind. I understand for International regulations, it is not a problem. The story ended well. I hope we have opportunity to do business again. Please if you have the time, could you inform me if you sell other exceptional Heuer pieces. Thanks for all. Best regards, Mathilde ”
Heuer’s Museum in Neuchatel Switzerland – August 2006 Vintage Heuer Solid Gold Calendar Moonphase Watch Purchased by the Heuer Museum.

“John, The Doxa and Omega showed up yesterday and appear to be in good order. Thanks again for your help – really nice pieces. Regards, Lee Sadler”
Katy, TX – August 2006 Vintage Doxa and Omega Watch Purchase

“The watch has arrived safely, a really peachy piece of kit which is a pleasure to wear. Many thanks. Doug Johnston”
South Croydon Surrey UK – July 2006 Breitling Top Time Vintage Chronograph Purchase

“Dear John, My watch arrived today! It is nice condition. I am happy. Thanks, John”
Hidewo Yamato-shi, Japan – July 2006 Hamilton Frogman Canteen Vintage Military Dive Watch Purchase

“Hi John, I’ve got the watch, thank you. It’s exactly as described on your website. My son is really pleased with it. I will recommend your website to friends and I will no doubt contact you when my youngest son is 21 in two years time. Many thanks for all your help. You can use me for any testimonials if you wish. Regards Eddie”
Bucks England, UK – July 2006 Audemars Piguet Vintage Watch Purchase

“Hi John, I received the watch the other day and I am very happy. unlike other dealer purchases all your watches function correctly and are in as sold condition. I look forward to buying from you in the future. Eric”
Sydney Australia – July 2006 Vintage Angelus Chronodato Watch Purchase

“John – The Tissot watch arrived yesterday and it’s wonderful, just as you described it on your site. Thanks as well for the additional straps. It was very generous of you. I’m sure I will place further orders in the near future. Cheers, John”
Iroquois, Ontario, Canada – June 2006 Vintage Tissot Solid Gold Watch Purchase

“Mr. John, Good afternoon. I’ve been remiss in not thanking you for the wonderful job on my Grandfather’s watch. I’m very proud of it and to be able to wear it some again. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you so much. Be well. ww”
Arkansas – June 2006 Vintage B.W.Raymond Railroad Pocket Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received the Heuer watch back on 6/22/06. Thank you for such prompt attention to the repair. It is keeping excellent time…Again, thank you! Steve”
Liberty Hill, Texas – June 2006 TAG Heuer Dive Watch Repair

“John, Got it today and my jaw just about hit the floor. Spectacular job! Thank you VERY much. The casework is wonderful, lume color was totally the right choice, strap is gorgeous and the winding action is super smooth. And I appreciate your excellent service and communication. Will be back for more at some point, probably soon. Thanks, Peter”
Turners Falls, MA – June 2006 Mido Multifort Automatic Watch Repair and Restoration

Woodmere, NY – June 2006 Vintage Breitling Dial Refinishing

“Watch received and working fine! Thanks for the band as well….. Here is a testimonial for your website: Farfo’s Vintage Watches repaired my vintage Lord Elgin with expertise, professional & timely service.” John
Apopka Florida – May 2006 Lord Elgin Driver’s Watch Repair

“Hello John. This is Boris from CT. Thank you for fix my Longines It’s running great and i love it. Great job!!!” Boris
Connecticut – May 2006 Longines Dress Watch Repair

“John, I just received another beautiful watch. I like this a bit better than the gallet, but both are nice – wonderful. Thanks Nancy”
Sacramento, California – May 2006 Movado Watch Purchase

“Hi, john, I have received the watch yesterday and I am happy.” Olivier
Paris, France – April 2006 Angelus Dato 12 Watch Purchase

“John, I received the watch today. It is quite spectacular and the image on the web doesn’t do it justice. thanks Nancy”
Sacramento California – April 2006 Gallet Watch Purchase

“Dear John, IWC watch has arrived. It looks even better than on the picture. They seem to work well and I will test the accuracy. I am satisfied completely with the service and with your approach. Best regards. I will watch the web and, maybe, I will use your service again. Vladimir Budinsky”
Louny, Czech Republic – April 2006 IWC Watch Purchase

“Good Morning John, The Lavinia arrived yesterday and looks and runs great! As always a true pleasure to do business with you fine people. Thanks, Robert
Florida – April 2006 Lavina Ladies Watch Repair

“Hi John, I received the Omega today in the mail. Looks good! Thanks again, John”
Rutland, Vermont – March 2006 Omega Speedmaster Repair

“John,I received the watch…..looks and runs great. The watch was my father’s and I used it as a stop watch when he raced cars. I brings back many memories of my dad at the race track. Thank you” Andy
Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee – March 2006 Wakmann Chronograph Repair

“John, I received my watch today- It looks almost like the day I bought it in Army flight school, in 1966. It was also my lucky piece in Viet Nam years ago…. Thank you very much. I,ll keep you in mind if anyone has or wants to sell or buy any older watches. Thanks again, John”
Plains, Montana – March 2006 Heuer / Clebar Triple Date Chronograph Repair

“John, I just received it today. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your patience. Linda”
Bloomfield New Jersey – March 2006 Eska Watch Purchase

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Paul Buhre watch I purchased. It is very handsome and as described. I wore the watch for one day and received two compliments ! I’ll continue to browse your site and recommend among my peers. Thanks again, Mike”
Benicia, California – March 2006 Paul Buhre Watch Purchase

“John, I received the watch and am pleased with it. Thanks for allowing me to purchase in two payments. Don”
Columbia Tennessee – March 2006 Ulysse Nardin Watch Purchase

“John, I received the watch on Thursday, thank you for the quick ship. I realy like the watch. ” Sergey
Sherman Oaks, California -February 2006 Wittnauer Watch Purchase

“John, The watch arrived!! It looks great! Thanks! Thank you for the “care” advice and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a good weekend. ” Brian
Falls Church, Virginia – February 2006 Leonidas Chronograph Repair

“Thank you John. I received the watch in great shape. I am pleased with how it turned out.” Tom
Windham, Maine – February 2006 Wakmann Chronograph Repair

“Hi John, received the watch today. Beautiful work. Thanks a lot! Regards” Vic
Michigan – February 2006 TAG Heuer Spirotechnique Repair

“Hi John- Hope you are doing well. I received the grasshopper watch today- and it looks great. Thanks so much for the repair. I have gotten so many compliments on it and referred many to your website. Hope you have a great year. Thanks again” Sarah
San Francisco, California – February 2006 LeCoultre Repair

“Hi John, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Omega restoration. I’m very happy with it and I want to thank you for the special attention and let you know, you hit a home run. Thanks again.” Craig
St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands – February 2006 Omega Watch Repair

“I received the watch with the new crystal and it looks fantastic. Thanks for doing such a great job on my father’s watch. It will be a treasured heirloom for many years to come, thanks to your work.” Paul
California – January, 2006 Eska Restoration

“John: I came home early today and found the repaired Omega Seamaster waiting for me on the kitchen table. The face and hand repair is excellent. While this watch is far from my most expensive, “nicest”, or “best” watch, I enjoy wearing it more than any other I own…and you can’t imagine how happy I am with the work. Thank you very much. The wait was very much worth it…as was your very fair charge for the work. I’ll make certain to send future work your way.” Steve R.
New York – January, 2006 Omega Seamaster Repair

“John, I just received the Universal Geneve watch, and it is beyond my expectations. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, which I really like, and it looks perfect on my wrist. The idea that it was crafted about 65 years ago is amazing to me. I am extremely happy with it… Anyway, If I get a chance to send business your way, I surely will. Thanks very much, Dean”
Wilmington, North Carolina – January 2006 Universal Geneve Watch Purchase

“Hi John, I just got back from Christmas vacation. Just wanted to let you know that I received your Omega. It was well packaged and seems to be running fine… Once again I want to compliment you on your fair and accurate discriptions. Best wishes for the New Year, Craig”
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands – January 2006 Omega Purchase

“Dear John, Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on my Alice watch. After 50 years, it’s nice to be able to use it again since it reminds me of my dad. Best regards, Jane”
Williamsville, VA – December 2005 Vintage Alice in Wonderland Timex Watch Repair

“John, received just in time. Please add me to your list of very happy customers. Merry Christmas” Duane B – December 2005 Lord Elgin Repair

“Dear John, A big big thank you for the repair of this old lady I just received. Sincerely, Merry Christmas.” Fabrice
Carouge, Switzerland – December, 2005 Zenith Pocket Watch Repair

“Dear John, Hello! I have just received the watch. It is nicer than I expected. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and a happy new yearJ Kind Regards, Aki”
Tokyo, Japan – December 2005 Ulysse Nardin Watch Purchase

“John,I received the watch this morning and am very pleased. Thanks for all of your help. I’m sure I’ll be back in touch before too long about other watches.Adam”
Lexington, Kentucky – Novemer 2005 Onsa Watch Purchase

“John – I just received the watch and it is SO beautiful – the picture did not do it justice. This watch was for sure worth every penny. Thanks for the advice on not letting it get away. I appreciate businesses that provide such amazing service as well as amazing products. So thanks. Sharelle”
Tacoma, Washington – November 2005 Starina Watch Purchase

“john, i got the watch today and it looks great! thank you for your prompt responses and your great product. jessy =]”
Lorton, Virginia – October 2005 Movado Eliro Chronograph Purchase

“Hi John – I wanted to thank you on behalf of my father as well for the wonderful job on the Bulova and Avigo. They look fantastic and operate with excellent accuracy over the past 26 hours or so. We are very satisfied. I know the Avigo is a delicate movement and it wound beautifully giving off a hearty tick. The crown is perfect and the Avigo hands you restored look just great. The Bulova case (as well as the Avigo) buffed out like new. The added touch with the period straps really make the watch and are a sign of your desire to truly restore a time piece. I really like the accent stitch black band on the Avigo. Thanks again you for your efforts and care you took in making sure you properly restored these watches. You’re an asset to your profession.” Seth
New Jersey – October, 2005 Bulova and Elgin Avigo Military Watch Repair

“John, Received the watch and it looks too good to wear— you did a great job.” Jeffrey
New York – October, 2005 Heuer Regatta Repair

“John, the watch arrived today and it is as you said, stunning. The refurb. to the dial and quality of work is superb, to say the least. I cannot thank you enough for carrying out this work on my behalf. Also i am really grateful for the high quality straps you enclosed. At the end of the day I must say ,the wait was well worth the final result. i would have no hesitation whatsoever in dealing with you at some time in the future should i require a similar high quality vintage watch.” Martin
Peterborough, England – March, 2005 Movado Calendomatic Repair

“John watch arrived today. Thankyou so much, it is even nicer than I expected. Best regards Chris”
Coolbinia, Perth, Australia – August 2005 LeCoultre Watch Purchase

“John: Got it. Love it. Many thanks. You do a great job. Marsh”
New York City, New York – June 2005 Steelco Moonphase Watch Purchase

“arrived yesterday, very pleased, will def buy again, regards, john”
Wolverhampton, England, UK – June 2005 Merit Chronograph Purchase

“John- I received the watch, well packed, in good order, and am pleased with the purchase and your prompt service.Norris”
New York – June 2005 Dorlin Bumper Automatic Watch Purchase

“Hi John, The Bulova arrived safe and sound today. It is a beautiful piece and I am very pleased with it. I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Thanks again” John
Westlake Village, California – April 2005 Bulova Purchase

“Hi John, The watches have arrived and they are great!! Wow, they’re both completely fantastic. Absolutely as advertised!!” Randall
Woodland Hills, California – April 2005 Bienna and Benrus Sky Chief Chronograph Purchase

“Dear John I have just received my watch, it is beautiful, and it’s a perfect fit, thank you very much. Kind regards Elize”
Lancashire, England – April 2005 Ulysse Nardin Watch Purchase

“Dear John, Just got my watch today and it is exactly what I wanted. It looks as though it is in perfect condition. Your service. the watch. all perfect,”FIVE STARS”. Best regards,Rudy”
Arvada, Colorado – March 2005 Ball Trainmaster Watch Purchase

“John, Watch arrived last Thur. was having some work done on my computer and unable to respond until this am. Watch looks better than expected. ” Bill
Brooksville, Florida – February 2005 watch repair

“Dear John, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Mickey Mouse watch. I am pleased with the job you did. Thanks again”
Pat G.- February 2005 Mickey Mouse Watch Repair

“Good Lord John, the watch is beautiful. Thank you so much.”
Michael C.- February 2005 Wittnauer Chronograph repair

“HI, the Omega that you re-timed for me is working to the minute like it use to and I am happy that it is working again. Thank you again for taking good care and fixing a watch that has not only a simple understated beauty to it but was also so important to me emotionally. Lawrence”
Florida – January 2005 Omega Watch Repair

“John, Just wanted to let you know that I received the watch – beautiful piece! Very nicely packaged as well and I appreciate the quick delivery. You have a truly first class operation going there. Thanks again and happy holidays! Regards, Blake”
Chicago, Illinois – December 2004 Wittnauer Chronograph Purchase

“Thanks for the specific instructions, John. We are really pleased with the watch and will be sure to pass along referrals…James”
James – December 2004 Longines Watch Purchase

“I just received the watch today and I am very pleased with…just as you described..Best Regards, Zol ”
Maryland – December 2004 Herald Moonphase Watch Purchase

“John, this watch is a total beauty. Thanks so much. Please let me know if you have any additional Minervas for sale. I love the brand and would like to own more. This watch is a real vintage beauty; especially the size. Thanks again. I will buy more from you in the days ahead. Regards, Perry”
Fort Lauderdale, Florida – December 2004 Minerva Watch Purchase

“Hello John, I received my Wittnauer and it looks great. I am sure that I will get much pleasure from wearing it. You have a great selection of watches. I may have to break my promise to my wife of “no more wathces.” Have a happy Thanksgiving! gene”
Brooklyn, New York – November 2004 Wittnauer Chronograph Purchase

“John: Naturally the watch arrived about 6 hours after I E-Mailed you yesterday (Friday), the Post Office is a lot better than they used to be in some things. The Breitling arrived in perfect shape, and as advertised. As with the Hamilton I bought from you, the condition of the watch was even better than shown/described on the web-site. This watch looks new, and runs beautifully so far, I’m wearing it now and it is definitely a new favorite, just what I was looking for. I really like the excellent photos and complete, honest, and detailed description of the watches on your web-site. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, and for being so cordial. I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. All the best, Regards, Carl”
Pacific Grove, California – October 2004 Breitling Chronograph Purchase

“John: I just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safely Saturday and so far I am delighted with it. The watch is in even better condition than the photos indicated, and I am pleased with the choice of band. I am wearing it daily, it is satisfying to get such a nice example after looking for a Gordon for over a year, and the original dial is a plus. Thank you for working with me to accomplish such a smooth transaction, looking forward to doing business with Farfo again in the future. Sincerely, Carl ”
Pacific Grove, California – August 2004 Hamilton Gordon Watch Purchase

“John: I received the watch….thank you! It’s in beautiful shape, the lizard band you chose is terrific, and the watch appears to be keeping excellent time. I’m very pleased. Feel free to put this email up as a testimonial. All the best! Regards, Marc”
West Islip, Long Island, New York – August 2004 Ulysse Nardin Purchase

“Got them! Thanks John, very satisfied. – Amazing how they restore those dials, and now I can wear the Seiko. Every place I took it to here in NYC told me to throw it away and get a new one. My wife gave it to me 26 yrs ago for X-mas before we got married! Thanks again!” Nelson
New York – August, 2004 Seiko Repair

“John, I picked the watch up at the post office today. Thank you so much for sending it right out! It’s beautiful. yours, Ann”
Chicago, Illinois – July 2004 Omega Watch Purchase

“Dear Mr. DiDonato, watches arrived this afternoon (Thursday) in perfect condition. They are really beatiful, as shown on your web site photos. My best congratulation and wishes of success to Farfo’s Vintage Watches. Thank you Fabio”
Naples Italy – June 2004 2x Wittnauer Chronograph Purchases

“Hi John, I received my watch thursday. Just what I wanted. The condition of the watch is excellent. Looking foward to future business. Thank you, Lawrence
Ohio – June 2004 Watch Purchase

“Hi John, Friday afternoon in Tokyo, and I just received the Bucherer. It looks great. Thanks! Steven” Steven
Tokyo Japan – June 2004 Bucherer Watch Purchase

“Hello John, I got the watch Thursday and gave it to my husband today. You’re right, even more beautiful in person. We both love it! I’m so happy with my selection. Thank you, Amy”
Alpharetta Georgia – May 2004 Charles Nicolet Tramelan Solid Gold Chronograph Purchase

“John…received the watch .. yesterday 5/12, and it couldn’t have come at a better moment. Last night was my sons Boy Scout “Court of Honor” where he officially received his Eagle Scout Award. During the ceremony I presented his Grandfathers watch to him. Thanks for your help and if I need any additional work I will contact you. Bob PS referrals will come your way.” Bob
Virginia – May 2004 Watch Repair

“Got the watch back today and am very pleased with the turnaround time and the price. Great job. I will keep your info for future reference and telling others. Thanks for the prompt service.” Dennis –
May 2004 Hampden Watch Repair

“John, the Omega is a beautiful watch!! It arrived today, it looks like it has never been worn. Thank you very much. I’m very pleased and I will take very good care of it. I will follow your site, please inform me of any other great values. thanks again Gary
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – May 2004 Omega Watch Purchase

“Hi John… I got the President and I’m glad I bought it. What a neat watch. Big for a piece from the twenties. I appreciate the advice too. Talk with you soon. Kind Regards,-Billy”
Arizona – May 2004 Bulova President Watch Purchase

“Good Afternoon John: I hope this message finds you well. I am in receipt of the Gruen and want to thank you for the seamless transaction. Gorgeous watch!! I look forward to our next piece of business together. Thanks again, Dan”
Georgia – April 2004 Gruen Watch Purchase

“John, I just received the Tag in the mail this afternoon; it looks and runs great, and I’m very pleased. Thanks again for your help throughout a very pleasant and fair trade. I’ll be sure to hold on to your card for the next time I’m in the market for a vintage timepiece. Regards,- Ben”
St. Louis Missouri – March 2004 TAG Heuer watch trade-in

“Dear Mr. John, I just received the watch by today at 1.00 pm, I’m so surprising the watch condition is better than what I imaging and so pretty, I will send this watch for checking & will confirm to u by tommorrow. Thanks. Regards, Sylvie”
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia – March 2004 Patek Philippe Watch Purchase.

“John, The watch has arrived. Had to pay some import duty on it, but you get used to that living here. The government have their hand in your pocket all the time!! Its in perfect order and looks superb. Thanks, Simon”
The UK – March 2004 Breitling Long Playing Chronograph Purchase

“Good morning John Received the Breitling yesterday in fine shape. It is an excellent time keeper. It is definitely a keeper. Thank you. Best regards. Bill”
Ohio – March 2004 Breitling Top Time Chronograph Purchase

“I just wanted to let you know that the watch came today. You did a excellent job on the hands. I appreciate all the hard work you put into it. ” Chris
Texas – February 2004 Bulova Watch Repair

“Dear John Everything is perfect. The watches arrived, they are beauties. Thanks a lot. The friend of mine who has chosen the Invecta said: This will not be the last time I have purchased a watch with Best regards Jon”
Zürich Switzerland – February 2004 Invicta, Zodiac, Ebel and Britix Purchase

“John, Received watch today, absolutely delighted! It was made for me as the fit is perfect, it keeps great time and looks wonderful. I am so pleased. Thank you so much for your help, great service. The import tax was definitely worth every penny! I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone wishing to buy a vintage quality watch. Kindest regards, Liz”
Pitstone England UK – March 2004 Rolex Tudor Ladies Watch Purchase

“The Minerva is truly super. The military style leather wristband is a lovely touch. It is a lot better than I imagined. Yet again John, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. You have always dealt with me in a forthright and professional manner and are to be commended. With kind regards Ray”
Dublin, Ireland – March 2004 Minerva Watch Purchase

“Hi John, My wife is delighted with the Omega-took some time to figure out how to work the latch on the bracelet though! It arrived Saturday Feb. 7th just as we were going out to do the grocery shopping and it was a very pleasant surprise for her. Thanks for your efforts-I did not expect to get the watch so soon-it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Kind regards Mike”
New York – February 2004 Omega Watch Purchase

“Hi John: I am writing just to let you know that I received the Movado Datron you sent. It looks great. Thanks!” Rob
Massachusetts – January 2004 Movado Datron HS360 Chronograph Watch Purchase

“John, The watch arrived today. It’s beautiful and I do love it! Add me to your list of very happy customers.” Susan
Oradell, New Jersey – January 2004 Movado Watch Purchase

“It’s here and keeping time on my wrist. It is in very nice condition and I am satisfied. Bob So many watches… ” Bob
Manchester, Connecticut – January 2004 Exita watch purchase

“Hi john, I just received the watch, and indeed it was worth the wait. The watch is beautiful. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Till next time, George”
Ontario, Canada – January 2004 Elgin Watch Purchase

“Just received the package from the USPS, signed receipt around 6pm…I am extremely happy with the watch. It is more than I expected. Ben”
Texas – January 2004 Bulova Watch Purchase

“Just wanted to let you know the watch arrived last week and was nicer (because it was smaller) than I thought from the picture. Thank you.” Eric
Pennsylvania – December 2003 Angelus Watch Purchase

“John, Thank you for the watch. It arrived today and looks more beautiful than the picture. Wishing you the merriest of holidays.” Ronald
National City, California – December 2003 Bulova Watch Purchase

“Hi from Dallas. The watch arrived today in good shape. Thank you for fixing it so quickly. It looks beautiful.” Janet
Texas – November 2003 Girard-Perregaux Repair

“Hi John Got my watches and love them , thanks for that. Andrew”
The UK – November 2003 Gallet / Solar Watch Purchase

“John, thank you so much for getting the watch to me on time. The watch is beautiful! I’m certain my wife will love it. Thanks again! glen”
Kentucky – October 2003 Ladies Bulova Watch Purchase

“Hi John, The watch arrived yesterday. It looks great! Thanks again for taking such good care of it. Bob F.”
Maine – October, 2003 Dial Refinishing

“John – The Rolex arrived today, around 2 PM. Thanks so much for expediting the shipment, and accommodating me as far as the payment went. I’m off to Mexico tomorrow, but I’ll be checking back on your site when I return in April. Thanks for the great watch. -Arthur”
Medfield, MA – October 2003 Rolex Purchase

“It arrived safely this afternoon. It is beautiful. I will watch (no pun intended) the time that it keeps for the next 90 days. Thanks so much, and if I ever need any service, I have your web site bookmarked. Have a great weekend. Greg”
Jacksonville, Florida – September 2003 Tag Heuer Watch Purchase

“I really like it. It works beautifully. I’m still watching your website. I’m sure I’ll purchase again soon thanks Rick”
Indiana – September 2003 Gallet Chronograph Purchase

“Hello! The watch came just fine, no problems with shipping (which was very fast indeed)! The bracelet (as expected) fit perfectly as well. Thanks again for the great service, I will definitely recommend to my colleagues. Best regards and thanks again.”
Chicago – August 2003 Tag Heuer Purchase

I had more testimonial emails but in 2003 I lost all of my emails before I could add them all to the website.