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We define vintage watches as mechanical watches made prior to the 1970's quartz watch revolution. Because of the rise in popularity of mass produced quartz watches, many long established watch companies that produced mechanical watches have since gone out of business. Several companies that were once bold leaders in the watchmaking industry have consolidated and been absorbed into a few large watch houses that share mass produced parts. Unfortunately, they now bear little resemblance to the proud pioneering companies that originally bore their name. With very few exceptions, they just don't make them like they used to.

If you'd like to learn more about vintage and antique wristwatches, this website will give you a glimpse of what the horological industry offered before craftsmanship and skilled watchmaking gave way to mass production and plastic disposable watches.

Why Buy or Restore Vintage Watches?

Some are fortunate enough to have antique watches handed down to them as family heirlooms from father to son or mother to daughter. Others seek them out for their art deco appearance and nostalgic charm. Some are drawn to their intricate mechanical workings that control complicated chronograph, moonphase, calendar, alarm or tidal data. Some buy them as quality investments even in the worst economical climate. Others buy for their fancy solid gold case designs.

Classic watches afford us the opportunity to wear or collect something truly rare and unique. They are appreciated by those who seek quality, craftsmanship and style as a reflection of a lost era, a lost art.

For all these reasons, and more, antique watches are becoming more, and more popular today as people look to the past for something that they cannot buy new at the mega-mall or department store.

Vintage Watch Repair

We are often asked about our watch repair services by those who have treasured family heirlooms in need of restoration. We service every watch that we sell on our website and we can also service your watches. Our expert watchmakers are experienced in all aspects of mechanical watch repair. They combine old world craftsmanship with the most modern equipment available to clean, regulate, repair and restore your valued timepiece. We can service all watch brands from Timex to Rolex and everything in between. We can even perform vintage chronograph watch repair service for your complicated wristwatch. Click here to learn more about our Watch Repair Services.

About is a mail order company that specialilizes in the sale and restoration and of rare, unusual and collectible wristwatches from Switzerland and the U.S.A. Our business began as - and remains today - a true passion for vintage wristwatches. A passion not only for their design and craftsmanship but for what they represent - a piece of history, a slice of time.

Whether you are looking for a vintage solid gold dress watch or a World War II military pilot's chronograph, chances are you will find it here in our virtual watch showroom. You will find collectible watches from many watch houses, including Angelus, Benrus, Wakmann, Breitling, Bulova, Gruen, TAG Heuer, Gallet, IWC, Movado, Minerva, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Gubelin, Girard-Perregaux, Doxa, Hamilton, Lemania, Mathey-Tissot, Mido, Zenith, Omega, Universal Geneve, Enicar, Rolex, Vacheron & Constantin, Wittnauer, Zodiac and many, many more.We also have a full line of quality watch bands in genuine leather, lizard, shark, or crocodile skins. We service all the watches we sell, and each one comes with a mechanical warranty against failure. We also offer a no questions asked 3 day review and return period on all watches
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